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Grande Gifts - The Groove Collection
Grande Gifts - The Groove Collection

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The Groove Collection

A study of the African-American influence on America's musical history through chocolate, story and song, The Groove Collection is a chocolate + music experience. The featured artists range from Otis Redding to Grandmaster Flash, and the perfectly synched truffles boast ingredients such as roasted yams, buttermilk banana pudding, Jack Daniels® Tennessee Whiskey, and Kentucky tobacco smoked deep milk chocolate. Twelve musical genres await. Read, listen, feel and taste your way through history.

10% of proceeds from this music-chocolate-sensory experience are donated to Little Kids Rock, an organization dedicated to restoring and revitalizing music education in U.S. schools.

The Groove Collection includes:
36 chocolate truffles, 1 original CD, 1 story booklet and 1 vintage record (album varies).

Groove Truffle parfums include:
Rural Blues – Anson Mills grits + burnt brown sugar caramel + dried corn kernel + white chocolate
New Orleans Jazz – Café du Monde™ chicory coffee + 66% cacao dark chocolate
Blues – Hickory smoked bacon + bacon morsels + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Gospel – caramelized pecan praline + pecan pieces + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Bebop – Middle Eastern sumac (a tart, red berry) + fresh mint + sumac powder + 65% cacao dark chocolate
Rhythm & Blues – Jack Daniels® Tennessee Whiskey + sugar cane powder + 65% cacao dark chocolate
Field Songs –roasted yams + maple syrup + African grains of paradise + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Rock 'n' Roll – Kentucky tobacco smoked deep milk chocolate 44% cacao + clove powder
Soul & Motown – sweet churned cultured butter ganache + Fleur de Sel sea salt + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Funk & Disco – buttermilk banana pudding + vanilla powder + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Rap – horseradish + lemon zest + praline + cocoa nibs + 65% cacao dark chocolate
Hip Hop – Krug® Champagne + edible gold leaf + white chocolate

Consume within 2 weeks.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

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The Groove Collection is a study of African American influence on America's musical history through chocolate, story and song. Travel through the past with our multi-sensory music timeline and explore each genre as you read, listen and taste. Begin with Field Songs,represented by roasted yams, maple syrup and African grains of paradise, all enrobed in 44% deep milk chocolate. Next, taste the Rural Blues truffle that combines Anson Mills grits and burnt brown sugar caramel in white chocolate topped with a dried corn kernel. Hear the spirit lifting calls of The Staple Singers, as you are elevated by the taste of the Gospel truffle. Twelve musical genres await. Read, listen, feel and taste your way through history.

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This collection ROCKS!!!    
Using music as inspiration is brilliant, and Katrina's Groove collection is quite possibly the most eclectic mix of flavors, auditory and gustatory, that you will ever find. This is simply an experience of the highest order and, until you try it yourself, you cannot comprehend how delightful it is from mere words in a review. My recommendation is simply this: ENJOY!
- Patrick Williams
Indulge Your Five Senses    
The Groove collection is simply an amazing experience. My creative colleagues sent this to me as a get well hello, and from the moment I opened became enchanted by the concept, as well as design execution through indulging my five senses. Sight, touch, smell, sound and taste are all intertwined marvelously throughout the entire unboxing and tasting experience and certainly delivered on surprise and delight. The tunes certainly enhanced and slowed down tasting these scrumptious chocolates. Thank you for such a a thoughtful and dynamic product design in a world of clutter. Looking forward to passing along the love to family and friends.
- Susan Oppelt
The most memorable gift I ever received!    
My son purchased this gift for me a few years ago and we are all still talking about how great it was. We put the CD on then tasted the chocolate from the region of the country where the music was produced. It was such a unique experience and a great way to spend Christmas afternoon with the family. So cool!
- Randa Black
it was a big hit!    
I sent this to my sister in Chicago as a Christmas gift. She's a huge vinyl and 70's r&b fan. She regularly spins her own records at a local bar so when I saw this I knew it would be perfect! The album she got was a a Brothers Johnson record who she loves and she didn't have this particular record in her collection so she was just absolutely ecstatic. Of course the chocolates were outstanding and the whole concept was awesome. I hope you do the same for other genres of music. I would definitely recommend this item.
- rose
Just what the doctor ordered    
I sent the Groove Collection to my close friend who was in hospital. She's a huge foodie and loves music. From her partner I got this message on how it was received. 'The chocolate ultimate collection was much appreciated. It's causing quite the stir with all the nurses. You know the Yak she loves tunes, chocolate and shiny packaging!!!' Thanks Vosges!
- Jax

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