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Spring & Easter / Petits Chocolats

Spring & Easter - Petits Chocolats
Spring & Easter - Petits Chocolats
Spring & Easter - Petits Chocolats
Spring & Easter - Petits Chocolats

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Petits Chocolats
Limited Edition Petits Chocolats Gift Set is filled with individually wrapped caramel bonbons. Liquid caramel bursts forth, coating your tongue in richness, when you crack through the chocolate shell of each bite-sized bonbon.

Petits Chocolats parfums include:
(3) Black Salt® Caramel,(3) Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel,(3) Smoke & Stout Caramel, (3) Blood Orange Caramel

- Black Salt Caramel: Black Hawaiian sea salt + burnt sugar caramel + 70% cacao dark chocolate
- Pink Himalayan: Pink Himalayan salt + burnt sugar caramel +70% dark chocolate
- Smoke & Stout: Rogue's Chocolate Stout beer + Alderwood smoked salt + burnt sugar caramel + 70% dark chocolate
- Blood Orange: blood orange + Campari® + burnt sugar caramel + hibiscus flowers + 70% cacao dark chocolate

Contains: Milk, soy and wheat.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 12 months
Net weight: 4.8oz


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Delicious liquid caramel... Yum    
These are the best caramel filled chocolates I have ever had. I wish they came in bigger quantities, like maybe a hatbox or a large array! They are absolutely to die for and a MUST for gift giving.
- Lynn
Incredible caramel-filled bonbons    
One bite and I was in love! The best dark chocolate and liquidy-caramel ever! Truly amazing.
- Jen

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