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2 Piece Truffle Party Favors / Exotic Truffles - Purple Box, 2 pieces

2 Piece Truffle Party Favors - Exotic Truffles - Purple Box, 2 pieces
2 Piece Truffle Party Favors - Exotic Truffles - Purple Box, 2 pieces
2 Piece Truffle Party Favors - Exotic Truffles - Purple Box, 2 pieces

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A perfect favor for weddings or corporate events. Each box comes with two truffles and the truffle stories, tied with a purple ribbon. Choose ivory, black or silver ribbon for no additional charge. Call 1.888.301.9866 for special ribbon color options.
The 2 piece Exotic box includes:

Naga®: sweet Indian curry + coconut + milk chocolate

Black Pearl®: ginger + wasabi + dark chocolate + black sesame seeds

Consume within 10 days


"Party Planning was the foremost on my mind two years ago as I planned a gypsy Macedonian celebration of a lifetime, my wedding. Creativity, personalization, symbolism and the creation of a memorable, shared experience for my guests have driven me to hang chocolate in trees, adorn tables with truffles, drink geranium and white chocolate Kir Royales, and serve cocoa hors d'oevres. Find the essence of the energy you want to create with your event and let us help you to make it an especially memorable chocolate experience."
- Katrina

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