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All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower
All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower
All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower
All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower
All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower
All Gifts - Spring Gift Tower

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Spring Gift Tower

Spring time is filled with gatherings, parties and social events of the season. Be sure to attend in style with our Spring Gift Tower as a fashionable couture accessory. Our truffle, caramel marshmallows and caramel boxes are stacked up tall in a tower and tied with purple satin ribbon to make a smashing presentation.

Includes: 12 piece Les Fleur du Chocolat Collection, 4 piece Caramel Marshmallows & 4 piece Crema Caramels

Please consume truffles within 10 days, marshmallows within 14 days, and caramels within 5 months.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.


"A tower of chocolate treats, stacked tall with a glamorous, satin purple bow. Our collection of Towers was inspired by one of my best friends, Carrie, who had a single request: yummy, straightforward boxes of chocolate with less packaging fuss. She got it, all stacked together and simply tied with a bow."
Try an Exotic Caramel Pairing at your next soirée.

Savor our Maple caramel alongside steaming Canadian maple-cured bacon. True Canadian bacon is not precooked or smoked and arrives rolled in golden cornmeal. Some Americans still refer to it as peameal bacon.

Follow a bite of the Verde caramel with a shot of Mezcal from Oaxaca. Not to be confused with tequila, the distinctive smoky taste of Mezcal comes from baking agave nectar in underground wood ovens.

Taste the Blush caramel with fresh pluots (pronounced plu-oohs)—juicy plum-esque bites complement this salted caramel. Pluots are one part plum and one part apricot with smooth skin.

Pucker up to our Tarte caramel with a tall glass of fresh blood orange juice and Campari on the rocks. Slice open a blood orange and lick the sweet-tart juice of its magenta-colored flesh.

Pair the Leather caramel with room temperature bubbly sparkling water and a squeeze of Meyer lemon. The citrus notes of the cocoa nibs exercise their presence with this mildly acidic fruit, delicate cacao sings.

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