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New! / Wandering Rabbit Truffles

New! - Wandering Rabbit Truffles
New! - Wandering Rabbit Truffles

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Wandering Rabbit Truffles, 9 pieces.

Nine petite members of our rabbit troupe are nested together inside a cozy, smoky lavender box. Each rabbit is filled with creamy, crispy I.G.P. hazelnuts or Sicilian Bronte pistachio praline. A culinary quest for the best hazelnut in the world led Katrina to these Northern Italian hazelnuts, which offer an incredible mouthfeel and unmatched intense perfume. The Bronte pistachios also surprise with their wonderfully intense flavor thanks to the mineral-rich, volcanic soil where they grown in a small town west of Mt. Etna on the Italian island of Sicily

Wandering Rabbit parfums include:
Luella Rabbit (comes in gold candy cups - called a "golden nest"): Sicilian pistachio cream + 44% deep milk chocolate

Emma Rabbit (comes in brown candy cups - called a "brown nest") - Pureed Piemonte Hazelnut paste + lightly crunchy fuellitine + 44% deep milk chocolate

Net Weight: 3.43oz
Consume within 4 months
Contains: Milk, wheat, soy, hazelnuts, pistachios.

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Rabbit running through my head    
I tried these last year and fell in love with them. They are as sweet and wonderful as the baby rabbits that used to be born in our back yard during my childhood. It truly doesn't get better than these two flavors put tougher in the darling round Tiffany blue box. I think I have six of the boxes from last years fore
- Miriam Marcus
The Wandering rabbits need to wander over to us!    
I ordered these with several other candies last year for members of my family and friends and the Wandering Rabbits were by far the most popular of all the candies. Everyone raved about them but told me they only lasted a day or two because they were addictive! I have to admit they only them stay around for the two of us for less than three days. We have rationed the gift we received this year but it's now time to put in an order for several of the lovely round Tiffany blue boxes.
- Miriam Marcus
Wonder my way wandering rabbit truffles!    
We had these delicious rabbits in our first birdcage last year, 2013. They were the most delicious truffles we ever had and as such decided to buy more. To my delight they went on sale after Easter so we bought six of the beautiful little Tiffany colored round containers. My husband and I rationed these because we had eaten the first in only three days! So we decided one of each, for each of us, would be a fair way to enjoy these delicacies! I'm going to order the exact same thing this year but for my young friend's 30th birthday and the six rounds for us. Happy Easter to all and enjoy these lovelies.
- Miriam Spectre Marcus

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