Enchanted Collection

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  • Enchanted Truffle Collection

Enchanted Collection

Our best and beloved truffles inspired by Katrina’s travels around the world create this limited-edition holiday gift collection. Our proprietary blend of chocolate, spices, herbs, roots and botanicals are sourced for their superior qualities. The truffle collection includes an enclosure book with guided tasting notes, ingredient sourcing details and experiential truffle stories.

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18 pieces

The Enchanted Truffle Collection, 18 pieces:

(1) Absinthe: Kübler absinthe + Chinese star anise + fennel + 62% cacao dark chocolate + coconut ash
(1) Black Pearl®: Organic Wakaya ginger + freshly grated wasabi + 72% cacao dark chocolate + ceremonial matcha
(1) Brown Butter: Vermont Creamery cultured butter ganache + 72% cacao dark chocolate ganache + Matiz-flor de Sal salt
(1) Ceremonial Matcha: Ceremonial grade Matcha + 62% cacao dark chocolate + white poppy seeds
(1) Chef Pascal: Schwarzälder kirschwasser + 62% cacao dark chocolate + tart Michigan cherry
(1) Chiba: Hateruma brown sugar caramel + Japanese Chiba peanuts + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(1) Cleopatra: fig honey caramel + Ceylon cinnamon + 62% cacao dark chocolate + white poppy seeds + blue spirulina
(1) Dulce de Leche: Dulce de leche + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + dried strawberry
(1) Forest Raspberry: wild raspberry pate de fruit + Bulgarian rose water + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(1) Gianduia: I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
(1) Hateruma Black Sugar: black sugar +62% cacao dark chocolate
(1) Madame Plum Armagnac: D'Agen French plums + Armagnac de Montel Special Reserve + orange blossom water + 62% cacao dark chocolate +hibiscus
(1) Momoko: white peach +bitter almond + peach eau de vie + beet-hued 36% cacao white chocolate
(1) Naga®: Housemade and toasted curry masala + coconut purée + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
(1) Piemonte Praline: Early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts +72% cacao dark chocolate+ cinnamon sugar
(1) Rap: horseradish + lemon zest + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + Ghanian cocoa nibs + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(1) Spiced Ginger: sugar cane and black strap molasses rum + saffron + candied ginger + 45% cacao milk chocolate
(1) Yeah Dave: ancho y guajillo chilis + Ceylon cinnamon + grass-fed butter ganache + 62% cacao dark chocolate

Keep this box of haut-chocolat in a cool, dry place until serving. Consume by listed expiration date, 14 days from shipment.

Peanut, almond, chestnut, coconut, hazelnut, milk, soy, wheat
Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts, Sesame and Tree Nuts.


A Guided Tasting of an Exotic Truffle:
Our truffles are infused with a healing sound frequency to raise your vibe.

Close your eyes. Take three deep, ujjayi breaths. Listen to the space between thought and prepare your palate to experience chocolate.

Describe what you see. What is the shape, color, sheen and texture?

Run your finger against the chocolate, noticing its texture and releasing the aromatics.

Bring the chocolate to your nose. Close your eyes, cup your hand around the chocolate and inhale deeply.

Enjoy your truffle in two bites. In the first bite, you are just getting to know the truffle, and in the second, you delve deeper, searching out the aromas and nuances. You become immersed in the experience of the chocolate and the sensations. After you’ve eaten the truffle, take a breath and taste the air. The aroma should have a long, lingering finish that is layered with perfumed notes.

“The Holiday 2022 collections are made to beckon you to peek behind the doors of your heart, open the windows of the mind, and to pull out literal drawers to find delectable sweets. To feast with friends, have enchanted evenings with family and encourage merry making throughout the season and beyond, all while embracing your own inner magnitude. I’ve traveled the world over to find just the right ingredients to blend with sacred cacao and infusing them with heart opening and vibe raising frequencies is my gift to you this holiday season. Let their beauty, smell, touch, and tastes be an invitation to seek. For when you accept such overtures, it is then that the light swells beneath your feet to show you the way.”

Peace, Love & Chocolate,




    Green Tea Matcha
    Matcha production is a slow, delicate process that requires patience and care. Three weeks before harvest, the tea bushes of this matcha are shaded to intensify chlorophyll levels, offering its vibrance in color. These leaves are the same as that used in the prized gyokuro - only in this instance the leaves are not kneaded or shaped, but stone-ground to a fine powder. Stems are also avoided when picking for matcha production as the ground tea needs all the sweetness it can retain, which are found mainly in young leaves.


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