Holiday Truffle Trio
Holiday Truffle Trio
Holiday Truffle Trio
Holiday Truffle Trio

Holiday Truffle Trio

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The best way to experience all of our Limited Edition Holiday Truffles. Perfect to share or keep for yourself. The trio includes our 17 piece Healer Truffle Collection, 5 piece Champagne Truffles and 5 piece Blackberry Vegan Truffles. For those mindful of their health and for those who appreciate an indulgence, this collection offers both.

(1) Healer Truffle Collection, 17 pieces:

(2) Neptune: early-harvest first pressed Mediterranean olive oil + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

(1) Mars: Mexican Damiana liquor + 72% cacao dark chocolate + beet hued cacao nibs

(1) The Moon: Grenadian nutmeg + Blackwell Jamaican rum + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

(1) The Sun: Japanese yuzu citrus + coconut + marzipan + Angelica + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

(1) Saturn: Ceylon cinnamon + hemp seed + white poppy seeds + 85% cacao dark chocolate + crystallized violets

(1) Mercury: toasted caraway seeds + grass-fed butter caramel + The Dalmore scotch + 72% cacao dark chocolate

(1) Venus: Bulgarian rose oil + Sicilian Bronte pistachios + Italian chestnuts + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

(1) Jupiter: apricot + ylang ylang flower + fennel pollen + almond + Amaretto + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

(2) Summer Spirit: sweet orange + curcumin + 72% cacao dark chocolate + pearlescent dust

(2) Winter Spirit: Mugo pine + 62% cacao dark chocolate + gold and green pearlescent dust

(1) Earth: reishi mushroom + Lion's Mane mushroom + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

(1) Water: fresh Japanese wasabi + Fijian ginger + 72% cacao dark chocolate + blue spirulina hued white chocolate + fresh pea shoots

(1) Air: chamomile blossom + botanical vapor distilled English gin + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

(1) Fire: Ancho y Guajillo chili + Ceylon cinnamon + 62% cacao dark chocolate + red, guajillo chili hued white chocolate

(1) Champagne Truffle Collection, 5 pieces: Krug® champagne + 85% cacao dark chocolate + cocoa powder

(1) Blackberry Vegan Truffle Collection, 5 pieces: 72% cacao dark chocolate + Tennessee blackberry gelée

My quest in creating as an alchemist is to blend the elemental (beautiful food ingredients) and planetary associations through chocolate that when defined is a transformation into something other than sustenance. In gorgeous food, from the moment it is seen, it begins to elicit a feeling as it enter the body through the mouth to create, in our case, a desired harmonious and transformative effect on the body and ultimately the mind and the spirit’s betterment. 

Over the years, I have used vibrant cacao as the medium for my collections. By combining it with indigenous, energetic plants, I am able to communicate a sense of place, terroir or earth as the grounding home that connects the soul of the story to the people and places it originates with. I’ve made it part of my mission to use only superior sourced ingredients as an acknowledgement to nature’s secret and potent bounty that I have the honor and responsibility to reveal. For centuries, olive oil has been revered for its holistic properties. It is rich in active ingredients that protect against many serious health conditions. Renowned for its medicinal properties, early harvest olive oil requires highly skilled growers who pick these premature olives from trees at the pinnacle of their taste profile. The olives carry the passion of these growers and the terroir of the land from which they come.

With a taste that is robust and smooth, green and peppery, this olive oil is made with many more olives than most, as these unripe olives produce less oil. This first press has high levels of health promoting molecules of polyphenols and terpenes that will nourish the body, all while delivering an exquisite flavor.

For those mindful of their health and for those who appreciate an indulgence, this collection offers both.

To sublime taste and your best health!


Living in Paris, Katrina learned the Parisian ritual of purchasing chocolate and pastry daily. We use exotic and ephemeral ingredients for all our products.


This collection is FRESH and PERISHABLE. Keep this box of haut-chocolat refrigerated until two hours before serving. 

Consume by listed expiration date:

Healer and Champagne Truffles: 14 days from shipment.

Blackberry Vegan Truffles: 5 months from shipment.


Healer Collection contains Nuts, Coconuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Chestnuts, Milk, Soy.

Champagne Collection contains Milk and Soy.

Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts.