Italian Entertaining Parcel: Sicily Edition

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  • Sicily Gift Set
  • Italian 16 piece Truffles
  • Candied Orange cubes
  • Candied Lemon cubes

Italian Entertaining Parcel: Sicily Edition

Travel to Sicily this Holiday season with our NEW Limited Edition Travel the World Through Chocolate: Italy, Sicily edition. We like to hop in our imaginary plane with a small bowl of Bronte pistachios, candied Sicilian citruses, a lovely view and a house-made blood orange Negroni.

Sicilian cuisine is incredibly unique with influences over the years from the Phoenicians of North Africa, the Islamic Moors, Greeks, Romans, Normans and Spanish. These cultures imparted a unique and exotic stamp on the food culture here. By the time the island joined the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, the local food and culture was so heavily influenced by its past that it was truly the land of treasures.

Let Katrina lead you on a journey to discover the rare gems of the terroir of Sicily’s best-in-class provisions.

These Sicilian treasures are hand packed into our signature parcel boxes: Sicilian Pistachio, Candied Blood Orange, Candied Lemon, Ravida Sea Salt, Collezione Italiana and Blood Orange Caramels.

Consume within 10 days of shipment.

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