Spiced Pecan Toffee

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Far, far away, there is a tropical island country at the southeastern edge of India that lies between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. It is the rich spice land of Sri Lanka. This is the land of Ceylon Cinnamon trees that were long revered as the "true cinnamon" as they carry a most delicate fragrance, unique from their more coarse cousin, Cassia Cinnamon. The shiny, leathery leaves emit a bewitching, spicy smell, but it is the reddish brown bark that is highly revered.

The inner bark of the Cinnamomum Zeylanicum tree is stripped away and laid to dry in the tropical sun where it naturally curls into quills. These thin curls journey to Chicago where they are ground into a fine powder and then sprinkled into our copper cauldron of bubbling organic butter and organic sugar. The resulting cinnamon-laced caramel toffee is then dressed in deep milk chocolate and topped with fancy junior mammoth pecans from Texas that have been candied and spiced with cayenne, ancho and paprika chili powders. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and detect the aromatic warmth of smoked chillies.

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