The Vosges "Beegan" Bundle

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  • A large collection of Vosges Vegan Chocolate containing brightly colored truffles a raw almond butter bar and a 2 lb chocolate bar on a light grey background.
  • A large 2 lb slab of vegan chocolate covered in gold leaf flecks sitting on a white background with dimensions displaying it's size.

The Vosges "Beegan" Bundle

Call us boastful, but our dairy-free Chocolate is so good everyone will adore this bountiful bundle of dairy-free Chocolate treasures from Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

Break into the enormous 2 lb. Beegan Soiree Smash exquisitely topped in 24kt gold leaf, or nibble a savory bite of our Pure Plant Almond Butter Bar.  Nothing compares to the savory decadence of our Olive Oil Vegan Truffles enrobed in proprietary 72% dark chocolate. Vosges has lovingly crafted this dairy-free bundle to share or indulge all by yourself.  

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Soirée Smash: Super Dark 85% Cacao & Gold Leaf

(1) Super Dark Chocolate Slab, 2.2lbs: proprietary 85% cacao dark chocolate adorned with 24k gold leaf

Pure Plant Walnut and Chanterelle Bar

(1) Walnut and Chanterelle Bar, 2 oz: Walnut + Chanterelle mushroom + coconut nectar + whole cacao pod

Vegan Truffle Collection

(3) Forest Raspberry Rose: Early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil + 72% cacao dark chocolate + raspberry rose gelée + Bulgarian rose water + raspberry powder

(3) I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnut: Early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + 72% cacao dark chocolate + cinnamon sugar

(3) Sicilian Blood Orange: Early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil + blood orange gelée + 72% cacao dark chocolate + candied orange peel


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