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Baking Mixes / The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Baking Mixes - The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

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These large-enough-to-share chocolate chip cookies bake up crunchy on the outside but still gooey and chewy in the middle. Plenty of 62% cacao dark chocolate chunks satisfy all of your chocolate cravings and a detailed recipe includes Katrina's tips for improving your baking technique along the way.

Each box yields 12 large (4 to 5" diameter) or 36 mini (2" diameter) cookies. Includes: Recipe, cookie mix, sugar & dark chocolate chips You will need: Eggs, butter, heavy cream (or milk) & vanilla extract

Learn how to make these scrumptious cookies with Katrina Markoff's easy to follow Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Net weight: 34.3 oz
Shelf Life: 12 months


While some like their chocolate chip cookies crunchy and others like them chewy, I lie somewhere in between. My ideal cookie is large enough to share with a mounded top and thin, crisp edges. I like to hear the crunch of the cookie exterior against my teeth juxtaposed to the gooey chocolate and the moist interior. Achieving this perfect balance is a labor of love, science and art! The proportions of the recipe are just as important as the temperature of the oven and the cooking time. In general however, three ingredients sculpt your cookie: flour, eggs and sugar. All three bind water, retaining moisture in the dough and creating a chewier cookie. To drive moisture out, crispy cookie recipes decrease these three ingredients and add extra fat (usually butter) which aids in spreading the cookies thin on your baking sheet. Alternatively, a little extra flour in the dough makes it stiffer, keeping the mounds of dough thick as they cook and maintaining a chewy center.

So now, you ask, how did I manage to do both at once? Well, that is the secret.



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The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies    
You've done it again, Vosges! Spoiled me rotten. First with chocolate and candy bars, and now with baked goods. I can never go back to the ordinary Tollhouse and Pillsbury stuff after having these truly gourmet cookies. These are the best chocolate cookies I've ever made, thanks to Vosges' high quality ingredients. My dad isn't a dessert guy, and he really enjoyed them and said they were the best he'd ever had. I believe the recipe calls for unsalted butter, but I used salted. They were a bit saltier than usual, but I'm a fan of savory and it worked out just fine. If you like a more classic sweet cookie, stick with the unsalted butter. The brownie mix is to die for, too!
- S
These were seriously the best cookies ever!
- Chrissy
Love Cookie    
Wonderful cookies!
- Christina
one of the best cookie mixes out there- i made the batter and refrigerated over two days to bake smaller batches of cookies each day, and it kept well and came out delicious.
- jelly
Delicious dough and cookies!    
I have to agree with the previous reviewer who said darn you Vosges! The yummy candy bars were bad enough but now that I've discovered this... danger. It's probably not recommended but the cookie dough itself is delicious as are the baked cookies. Can't wait to get this again!
- JR
Dark chocolate cookie Mix    
This has to be the greatest cookie mix ever.Made them and I hardly got any of them because my mom ate them all. This is now her favorite cookie all other cookies pale in comparison, and I totally agree with her. These are best cookie ever.
- Shannon Hensel
Great taste, not so great execution!    
It is impossible to add the chocolate wafers to the batter using a hand mixer and expect the wafers to "chop". The directions for those of us who do not own a stand mixer should note that the chocolate be hand chopped before adding to the batter. I spent a lot of time fishing wafers out of the batter and trying to chop them when they were covered with batter. A few hungry-for-cookies people around me were not amused. Also, the link to the video is not working. That being said, once the cookies finally came out of the oven, they were delicious! Have also tried the brownies and those earn 10 stars!
- Victoria Jacobs

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