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Gifts $50 and Under / Caramel Marshmallows, 4 pieces

Gifts $50 and Under - Caramel Marshmallows, 4 pieces
Gifts $50 and Under - Caramel Marshmallows, 4 pieces

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So the story goes...We decided to make a new concoction using our leftover Bapchi's Caramel Toffee crumbles; first making fluffy marshmallows with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans then stirring up bubbling sweet caramel. A touch of French Guérande grey sea salt did the trick, and with a wave of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of Bapchi's Caramel Toffee bits the result is positively addicting. We dare you to eat just one.

4 Caramel Marshmallows: 62% cacao dark chocolate + Madagascar vanilla marshmallow + pecan and walnut studded organic caramel + toffee crumble

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 14 days


These addictive morsels were born a bit by accident... After breaking our Bapchi's Caramel Toffee into bite size chunks, we are left with a pile of toffee crumble which consists of walnut and pecan pieces, bits of sugary toffee and milk chocolate. Too good to waste, we began mixing it into other yummy sweets like marshmallows and caramel which we snacked on around the office. Realizing we were onto something bigger than office snacks, I fine–tuned the recipe and covered the sweet treats in bitter, dark chocolate. Crowned with a sprinkle of the toffee bits, the Vosges Caramel Marshmallows entered the world where it immediately became a sought after hit and the perfect answer to the call for comfort foods.

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