Day 4: Dream a Little Dream of Golden Milk

Day 4: The Golden Milk Dream Bar

Turmeric and ginger root, both adaptogens, are blended with golden milk botanicals, crispy coconut, and Telicherry peppercorns in deep milk chocolate. The result? A cocoa butter rich flavor that leaves a lasting impression on your palate.

The "Dream collection" chocolates were inspired by the idea that chocolate, when paired with ritual, could assist in more restful, luminescent sleep. Science tells us that the compounds naturally found in chocolate are undisputedly known to have psychoactive effects on the human brain, and in a sense, have to power to change the way we feel. 

The Golden Milk Dream Bar is modeled after a magical Indian elixir called "Golden Milk." This decadent bedtime beverage was meant to be consumed just before your head hit the pillow, setting the stage for your journey to dreamland. 
In this nocturnal realm of slumber, where imagination unfurls its wings, the chocolate becomes the ethereal bridge, connecting reality to the luminescent dreamscape. After all, this is no ordinary chocolate, rather a magical concoction, each element a key to unlock doors to enchanted lands.

Whether you are enjoying this bite day or night, we recommend you take small snap and sit with it pressed to your palate for moment. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and see where your mind takes you. 


If you find yourself favoring this new parfum, the full Dream Journey is right here, at your fingertips.