Caramel and Chocolate

Chocolate-Covered Caramels

A vast majority of people love chocolate, whether it's chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, or semi-sweet chocolate chips. Milk chocolate and dark chocolate alone are usually enough to satisfy your sweet tooth desires, but there is always a way to enhance your chocolate consumption experience by pairing the candy with complementary flavors. This can be done by trying a milk chocolate caramel or dark chocolate caramel. Vosges Haut-Chocolat delivers a caramel layer in between chocolatey goodness to add an additional satisfying texture.

Butter-soft and gooey caramels are infused with superior sourced ingredients selected by Katrina to express the most delicious parfums found in her travels around the world. The sea salt caramel used is handcrafted with love and care to produce a homemade caramel sauce that no one can refuse and can't be replicated by other chocolate caramel candies. This new combination of flavors makes for homemade caramel-filled chocolate like no other. Brazil nuts, sea salt, tangy hibiscus, and blood oranges, red Hawaiian salt, New Mexican pecan and other distinctive ingredients are blended our unique and chewy caramel filling with caramel and enrobed in chocolate from enriched cocoa. This creates chocolate-covered caramel bits that are as innovative as they are delicious. These sweet chocolate caramels are thoughtfully made to bring out each unexpected flavor within the homemade salted caramel beautifully to remind chocolate caramel bar lovers why they have a passion for these insatiable treats. Don’t forget to check out our caramel toffee chocolate!