Exotic Caramel Collection

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  • A Round purple box embossed in gold foil sits open displaying eighteen butter caramels enrobed in dark and milk chocolate with colorful nuts and sugar toppings on a grey background.
  • Close up of two Vosges caramels, one bitten displaying buttery caramel center and milk chocolate coating on a white background.
  • Vosges Exotic Caramel collection sits open displaying eighteen chocolate enrobed caramels beside four piles of colorful nuts and toppings on a marble countertop.
  • Nutrition Facts and Ingredients of Vosges Haut-Chocolat Exotic Caramel Collection in white, san-serif font on a deep purple background.

Exotic Caramel Collection

Inside this chocolate caramel gift box lies pure, butter-soft caramels infused with parfums of Japanese black sugar, Brazil nuts, hibiscus, blood oranges and other delectable, fruits, nuts and spices. These bites offer a contrast between sweet and tart, nutty and citrusy. Part comfort, part couture, this is a unique gift that even the most finicky of recipients will adore.

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(4) Kokuto Black Sugar Caramels: Japanese black sugar caramel + 62% cacao dark chocolate + black Kia sea salt

(4) Blood Orange Caramels: Blood orange + bitter orange liqueur + 62% cacao dark chocolate + crushed hibiscus

(4) Maple Sugar and Walnut Caramels: mature maple syrup + toasted walnuts + 62% cacao dark chocolate + curcumin walnuts

(3) New Mexican Pecan Caramels: New Mexican pecan + Madagascar vanilla + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + Maldon salt

(3) Red Hawaiian Caramels: red Hawaiian sea salt + 45% cacao milk chocolate + dragon fruit

Living in Paris, Katrina learned the Parisian ritual of purchasing chocolate and pastry daily. We use exotic and ephemeral ingredients for all our products.

Keep this box of haut-chocolat in a cool, dry place until serving.
Consume by listed expiration date, 12 weeks from shipment.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Pecans, Walnuts
Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.



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