Proprietary Chocolate Blend

Gourmet Chocolate Bars Made From Premium Ingredients

There's something so distinct about that first bite of a chocolate bar. As you bite into the smooth gourmet chocolate, you become enlightened with the aroma of cacao as it melts delicately on the tongue, leaving you longing for that next morsel.

At Vosges Haut-Chocolat, our chocolate bars are more than a piece of candy. We've carefully formulated a number of unique flavor blends using milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate to create premium chocolate bars that are unlike any other.

Sink your teeth into a world of flavor by trying our collection of luxury chocolate bars from Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Rich yet satisfying, our classic gourmet chocolate bars will awaken the senses and take your tastebuds to soaring new heights. From creamy milk chocolate and cheese, to honey and chocolate, or crunchy almond and rich dark chocolate bars, our premium, uniquely-flavored chocolate bars make the perfect hostess gift or after dinner dessert.

Using the finest chocolate and premium ingredients from around the world, our specialty chocolate bars offer something for every kind of palate. You can expect to experience flavors unlike any other, a testament to our meticulous ingredient sourcing process. Through extensive inclusions, we are able to promote the unique characteristics of every root, flower, spice and nut. Whether you gravitate towards the simple pleasures of a creamy milk chocolate bar or you crave rich caramel sprinkled with pink sea salt, our flavor blends will have you wanting more. Don’t forget to check out our selection of vegan chocolate for those with dietary restrictions!