Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark™ Chocolate Bar

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  • Vosges Matcha Chocolate bar stands upright displaying a purple box  featuring illustrations of tea leaves and flowers on a grey background.
  • Unwrapped Vosges Matcha Green Tea Chocolate bar in a silver wrapper stands upright on a white background.
  • Vosges Matcha Green Tea Spirulina chocolate bar beside a bundle of dried flowers, green matcha powder, and several crystals on a white background.
  • Vosges Matcha Green Tea Spirulina bar unwrapped and broken in two on a light grey background.
  • Nutrition Facts and Ingredients of Vosges Haut-Chocolat Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina bar in white, san-serif font on a green background.
  • Vosges chocolate bar comparison chart showing which chocolate bars are vegan, recyclable, women owned, gluten free, non-gmo or fair trade on a purple background.

Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark™ Chocolate Bar

Matcha lovers, we created the perfect matcha chocolate bar that blends dark chocolate and matcha green tea equally, not allowing the matcha to not be overbearing but also letting your taste buds know it's there.  Our green tea chocolate bar is crafted with adaptogenic ceremonial matcha green tea and spirulina with Ghanaian cacao nibs crafting an iron-rich dark chocolate experience. Earthy and green, dark and bittersweet, an alternative to your morning cuppa.

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Take a look at what this matcha chocolate bar is made of.

Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz: Matcha green tea + spirulina + cocoa nibs + 72% cacao dark chocolate

Living in Paris, Katrina learned the Parisian ritual of purchasing chocolate and pastry daily. We infuse this ritual into all our products with exotic and ephemeral ingredients and that's how we created this perfect blend into our matcha chocolate bar.

For a true haut-chocolat experience, enjoy your Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark Bar alongside a Matcha Melon Martini. Don't be afraid to grate a generous helping of chocolate on top.

Keep this Vosges matcha chocolate bar box in a cool, dry place until serving. Consume by listed expiration date.

Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.


What goes well with a matcha chocolate bar?
We highly recommend pairing your matcha chocolate bar with a Matcha Melon Martini. The martini will have to be prepared a few days in advance but is totally worth it. This combination is truly the perfect tasting experience.




    Green Tea Matcha
    Matcha production is a slow, delicate process that requires patience and care. Three weeks before harvest, the tea bushes of this matcha are shaded to intensify chlorophyll levels, offering its vibrance in color. These leaves are the same as that used in the prized gyokuro - only in this instance the leaves are not kneaded or shaped, but stone-ground to a fine powder. Stems are also avoided when picking for matcha production as the ground tea needs all the sweetness it can retain, which are found mainly in young leaves.

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