Hikari + Summer’s Eve

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Momoko + Ginger Peach Mule

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Ruriko + Secret Admirer

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Tama + Jasmine Tea Lemonade

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Ruriko + Cucumber Shiso Lemon Refresher

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Hikari + Blackberry Vodka Tonic

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You deserve to sip quality and taste dedication, bite into bliss and savor each flavor. And that’s just what we’ll give you.

We’ve teamed up to give you a heavy sigh and wide smile. A pairing of the smoothest vodka and most sumptuous chocolates, brought together to highlight subtle notes and chocolate parfums.

We are so excited to finally bring you King St.™ Vodka x Vosges pairing truffles. Raise a glass with us to toast to the moments that matter most.

With Love,

Kate Hudson & Katrina Markoff

King St.™ Vodka

Kate Hudson

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Katrina Markoff