Green Initiatives 

We champion ethical and environmentally sustainable practices, and are accountable for our impact, as we create chocolate with a worldview.

At Vosges Haut-Chocolat®, we are aware of the impact that our artisanal crafted chocolate process has on our planet and our people, which is why we continually strive towards a greener product, workplace and production facility.

Transparency Global Certification

As a Transparency Global Certified company, openness and honesty is integral to our mission. Transparency Global operates a digital platform accelerating the world’s adoption of the importance of transparency. The platform includes certifications, financial index, rankings, research, education, and surveys. Transparency Global certifies companies that meet the highest levels of organizational transparency. After analyzing over 60,000 globally traded public companies they have created the world’s largest Transparency database of both public and private companies. For more information about Transparency Global, please visit transparency.global.

Green Purchasing Oath

We purchase renewable energy credits to offset our energy draw from the grid, employ organic and/or bio-degradable materials when available, and utilize non-toxic, "green" cleaning products and office supplies at all times. We consistently monitor our green impact and are continually looking for new alternatives to create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly world.

Manufacturing Green

Vosges Haut-Chocolat sources chocolate from carefully selected suppliers, many of whom are Fair Trade Certified. We also have cacao crops planted in Belize, which will allow us to oversee the entire value chain, from root to bar.  All of our chocolate confections are crafted in our production facility in Chicago, Illinois.  We believe that protecting human rights is the shared responsibility of all parties in the cocoa value chain and we expect our suppliers and business partners to champion and uphold fair labor standards and policies. 

All our locations operate on 100% renewable energy.  We utilize LED and high efficiency lighting throughout the building.  Many lights are on sensors, so they are only used if there are employees in an area.  We monitor our energy usage monthly and make changes accordingly.

Packaging Green

At Vosges Haut-Chocolat we continuously strive to source sustainable and biodegradable options for our packaging.  We use paper that is at least 10% post-consumer/recycled for all printed materials. Whenever possible, we use vegetable and soy based inks for printing.  Our purple boxes are made from recycled material.

We love to find second or third uses for our packaging to cut down on waste. Although our purple boxes are already made from 100% recycled board, reusing them again keeps them out of the landfill. Some of our regular customers have created innovative alternate uses for our signature purple packaging, including: storage for office supplies, sorting items in their dresser drawers, reusing purple satin ribbon on gifts or in hair, or even jewelry storage.

Shipping Green

Our shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

Our shipping department has switched from Styrofoam peanuts to void-fill paper that creates much less waste in each package.  Our bags are now made from 100% post-consumer waste and are biodegradable.  All void fill paper is 100% recyclable. 

Living Green

We recycle our printer cartridges with our printer supplier, Green Office Partners, or directly with the manufacturers.  Any obsolete IT equipment is recycled at designated shops or centers that recycle or reuse electrical goods.

In our corporate office, manufacturing facility and retail stores we recycle. Every piece of paper in our office is either reused in our printers or recycled.

We partner with Chicago based non-profit organization Creative Pitch, which coordinates the donations of materials that would otherwise be thrown away to art educators in the city of Chicago. These educators use the materials for art projects for extremely under funded arts programs. Vosges Haut-Chocolat donates old display truffle boxes, parchment paper, truffle trays, tubes, ribbon from both the assembly line and our Chicago boutiques, and much, much more.