What Is High Vibe?

Foods that are alive, clean, pure and activated with enzymes and minerals, like cacao, are high vibe. Ingredients in cacao increase blood flow and heart rate, opening the heart chakra. While nourishing the body, cacao keeps the blood vessels relaxed, easing blood pressure and optimizing circulation.

Mindful Consumption

Our bodies respond to higher vibrations in positive ways. Raising your vibe can improves a number of other body functions, such as circulation, nervous system activity, digestion, and sleep quality. Feeling well on a physical level helps us reach a higher vibrational frequency, overall health and longevity. Mindful consumption of high vibe foods assists in attracting positive experiences, alignment with positive people, access to our deepest intuition and connection with our spirit.

Vosges + High Vibe

We are on a quest to create chocolates that are delicious confections and have the ability to sustain and improve physical and mental health. We source cacao and other high vibe ingredients that are harvested ethically with loving intention. When we craft our chocolate, we approach it with this same positivity, passing this energy on to the chocolate and our guests. We infuse all of our chocolates with a 528hZ frequency, sustained as the chocolate cools from liquid to solid, creating a transformational, healing, and miracle-manifesting experience.

raise your vibe

Vegan Haut-Chocolat

Olive oil and dark chocolate have long been revered for their holistic properties. As an expression of these two celebrated and healthful ingredients, we created the Vosges Vegan Collection. They are an indulgence in gorgeous, high vibe chocolates.

pure plant chocolate bars

Pure Plant chocolate bars are high vibe, infused with healing sound frequency and have no refined sugars. They highlight the health benefits of the mystical cacao by incorporating the whole pod, bringing to light parts of the pod rarely used, but full of goodness.

The Dream Collection

With the finest chamomile, tulsi and lavender woven into our proprietary chocolates, this set aims to nurture dreams, improve wellness, and stimulate enchanting experiences of flight, love, transformation, and time travel. Add depth to your chocolate experience and your dreams.