What is Cacao?

Often referred to as the “Food of the Gods” in Aztec culture, raw cacao is an ancient superfood once reserved for the royal elite. In the ancient world, Cacao was a form of currency and the mystique of this plant has been well documented since the beginning of the written word.

For most of its historical life, cacao has been consumed in beverage form. When taken this way, the drinks are rich in theobromine, a long-lasting stimulant more mellow than caffeine and without the 'caffeine crash' effect.

Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, Cacao is nutrient rich with benefits for the mind, skin and body. Experience cacao in its purest form through many of our collections.

what is a cacao ritual?

Cacao rituals have been performed for more than 4,000 years. The ancient world was keenly aware of the energy of cacao. While we have some written records of these ceremonies, we have to rely on the history and stories passed from generation to generation to create our own.

Cacao ceremonies usually involve a communal gathering with a sacred circle, music and of course, ceremonial cacao. Cacao rituals can also be a personal morning ritual.

It’s a powerful tool to go deeper in your inner work, whether it’s journaling, visualization, or shamanic journeying. Cacao ceremonies can also assist in energetic healing and receiving clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth.

We hope that you will include Vosges in your own personal ceremonial Cacao rituals and gatherings.

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What is the Difference Between Cocoa & Cacao?

So, what is cacao and how does it differ from cocoa? While the cacao vs cocoa debate may be confusing, they are really quite similar. Most people are more familiar with cocoa powder, as this is a major ingredient in many cakes, pastries, and baked goods. While both products are derived from the beans of a cacao plant, what differentiates the two is how they’re processed.

Regular cocoa powder tends to be processed at a higher temperature, stripping the product of many beneficial properties that the cacao tree provides. Plus, many cocoa powders and cocoa products contain added sugar and dairy, which can be an issue for vegans or anyone who is lactose intolerant.

While cacao also derives from the cacao tree, it does not go through the same intense processing as regular cocoa powder. Instead, the fermented cacao beans are slow-roasted and then milled into a fine powder. The result is a more nutrient-rich, product with a deep aroma and flavor. Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, Cacao is nutrient rich high in nutrients with benefits for the mind, skin and body.

When it comes to shopping for chocolate products, the ones that contain real cacao are of higher quality and nutrition. That's why our chocolate makers use a cacao product that comes straight from the source. The raw cacao we receive before production is free of added sugars and has minimal processing. Why? Because we strive to provide the highest quality chocolate products on the market and it all starts with the cacao bean.

You can experience cacao in its purest form through many of our Cacao Wellness Collections.