3 Chocolate Gifts to Celebrate Libra Season

Libra season is upon us and if you are fortunate to have one of these charmers in your life, you’ll want to bestow upon them a gift of chocolate as special thanks for the many gifts and attributes they share with you as a friend or member of your family.

Libra’s are like a favorite sweater. They are cozy, comforting and familiar. You will seek them out when you need to feel welcome and grounded. Like the scales that they are illustrated by, they love and seek balance, revel in fairness and harmony.


They are extroverts to the extreme, making them outgoing, social, witty conversationalists, and the perfect person to take to a dinner party where they might not know anyone at the beginning of the evening, but will be fast friends and making plans with everyone by the end.

These characteristics also make them a wonderful host for a fete.  Add an impeccable eye for aesthetic beauty (which can border on vanity,) and an importance placed on order, and you are guaranteed to be impressed by any gathering where a Libra is at the helm.


They keep interesting people around them, making them exciting to be around and to know. You just never know where their passions and need to learn new things will take them next. What you can be sure of, is that they will bring you along for the ride.


In a time of uncertainty or pessimism, you will want to keep a Libra close at hand. They are eternal optimists who always see the best in people and situations. They have the best of intentions and can solve most problems, even anticipate them before they happen.

A Libra is a special soul, indeed. Exuberant and quieting, boisterous and calming. Extreme and squarely centered. A refuge that will always welcome you into their comfort.