A Chocolate Meditation

Chocolate Meditation

Our Chocolate Meditation Collection contains exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemical properties each paired with a crystal and affirmation card. A magical foundation for your meditation practice. 

First, consciously prepare yourself and your space for chocolate meditation. By dressing a certain way and adorning the space it signals to the subconscious, “you are creating something very special here, pay close attention.” Dress in your favorite color. I always don a long white dress. 

Cast a circle of crystals, candles, favorite books, pictures, objects of inspiration, etc. Here I cast a circle of candles alongside chocolate truffles and crystals from the collection to represent the four directions, the elements and the planets. 

Have with you paper, pen and the meditation cards at the ready. 

Sit comfortably in your circle and take a deep breath down to your hips. Now take another deep breath up to the center of your forehead. Here you are accessing your pineal gland, the intuition center, often called the third eye. Therein lies your highest potential, your deepest intuition. A source for your truth. Spend time with this focus and what you receive. Shuffle the cards and spread them in front of you. Move your dominant hand slowly over the deck and choose the card that is pulling you to draw. Hold the chocolate associated with the card and read aloud. Now taste your chocolate ever so slowly with your eyes closed. 

When you are ready to come back to your breath, spend a minute consciously breathing. Be fascinated with the message and the space. Take some time to write, draw or pull another card. Allow your creativity to flow, then ask yourself a question and clarity will follow.