A Chocolate Ritual for Sleep

Studies have shown that a nighttime ritual or routine can make falling asleep easier and enhance the overall quality of your sleep. Be it a warm bath or a bedtime story, your nightly routine should be unique to you and address your needs and desires in dreamland. As a jumping-off point, we've created a ritual for sleep for you to try tonight. 

Open your mind and let your imagination run wild. This evening, you will embark on a journey like no other, an endorphin-fueled flight of fancy, all courtesy of the mystery and wonder that is chocolate.

Set the Mood

Turn off the lights and lower the temperature of the room. Slip into something comfortable that brings you joy (no socks, please). Silence or turn off your phone and settle in.


Select the truffle you are drawn to this evening - Chamomile, Berry, Golden Milk, or Bianca.


Take deep breaths through your nose 13 times. This will help the body achieve an even greater relaxed state.

Eat the Chocolate

Close your eyes. Rub the chocolate and smell. Take a bite of the truffle and hear the crisp snap. Pay attention as the aromas unfold and the chocolate melts in your mouth.

Show Gratitude

Write 5 things for which you are grateful. Focus on the gratitude you feel toward yourself and others. Set your intentions.

Now Rest

Lie down. Fall into a deep slumber. Let your unconscious lead and dream on...

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