Aged Gouda + Raw Almond Butter with Lucuma Chocolate Bar

This pairing of aged gouda and our Pure Plant Raw Almond Butter Bar is decadent yet excellent for the body. The buttery flavor of the almonds and the butterscotch of the lucuma fruit pairs beautifully with the sharp, nuttiness of the aged gouda which carries its own butterscotch notes. Our Pure Plant collaborator, pioneering physician, scientist, TED speaker, and author of the groundbreaking New York Times best seller: Eat to Beat Disease, Dr. Li, recommends eating hard cheeses like Gouda. According to Dr. Li, “Hard cheeses are a source of vitamin K2, which has been shown to support cardiovascular function and has been shown to have antiangiogenic properties, which slow the formation of blood vessels needed for tumor growth! On another note, pure cacao has been shown by researchers to improve blood flow for better cardiovascular health.” We love knowing this luxurious treat does the body good. 

Yield: 4 servings, Prep Time: 5 minutes


1 Raw Almond Butter Bar, chopped into bite-size pieces

L’amuse Signature Aged Gouda Cheese, thinly sliced


Pair the Raw Almond Butter Bar with aged gouda for a healthy afternoon treat or after-meal cheese and chocolate course.

Where to Buy

The L’amuse Signature Aged Gouda Cheese, can be bought at Zingerman’s or Wally’s.


Dr. Li, “Research has shown cacao contains polyphenols that support vascular health. Gouda contains vitamin K2 that improves cardiovascular function and has antiangiogenic properties.  Almonds contain healthy fat and are a great source of dietary fiber which supports a healthy microbiome and immunity.”