Banish Boring Gifts: The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting


The weather is changing, holiday music is already getting air time, and the thought of this year's gift list has begun dancing in your head. Beyond treats and trinkets for your friends and family, your clients, employees, and associates are also making their way to the top of the list. 

Corporate gifting is an essential relationship builder when it comes to the world of B2B. But more often than not, corporate gifts can fall flat. The reason? Many annual holiday business gifts only offer a momentary experience, lasting as long as it takes to consume it. But the truth is, corporate gifting doesn't have to be boring or fleeting. 

Leaving a lasting impression on your clients and employees starts with intention and practicing the "Art of Gifting." At Vosges, we take these tenants very seriously. 

Experience is Everything 

When corporate gifts need more depth and forethought, they usually hit the regift pile or sit in the communal office kitchen well past the New Year. This can be avoided by gifting an experience that is not only tangible but indelible. 

Vosges Corporate Gifts are just that. Not only will your recipient Travel the World Through Chocolate via their mind and the truffle of their choice, but they will also experience new parfums, permanently altering their palate and gaining an appreciation for fresh, unexpected flavor combinations. 

Beyond the chocolate decadence itself, each box of haut-chocolat is painstakingly designed to offer a high-art experience worthy of collecting as keepsake boxes or as added accouterment around you or your client's home. 

Offer Quality 

The average person in 2023 cares about quality, and so do we. Combining high-quality packaging and superior sourced ingredients makes Vosges stand out in the world of corporate gifting. Each lift of the lid reveals an array of expertly handcrafted chocolates nestled in their assigned alcoves. Each bite is a testament to the years of development spent perfecting each recipe and sourcing each ingredient. 

From chocolate truffles to buttery toffee, creamy peanut butter bonbons, and world-famous chocolaty caramel marshmallows, we offer flavors that will "WOW!" on every occasion. 

Apply a Personal Touch 

Personalization is the hallmark of corporate gifting. It shows your recipient that you genuinely care and makes it more likely that they will remember you for years to come. 

Custom messages and packaging, hang tags, and marquee cards are ideal for putting a personal touch on this year's business gifts. Our Corporate Gifting Concierge can help you design the perfect experience for each recipient- right down to your company's logo and branding. 

Don't Sit on Sustainability 

Like quality, the general public cares about sustainability. As more and more people embrace environmentally conscious products, choosing a corporate gift that reflects those values is key to cementing that lasting impression. 

By following our Green Purchasing Oath, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in every way possible. From sourcing our ingredients to our artistic keepsake packaging, we aim to create something more than just a box of chocolates but an homage to Mother Nature and all she has to offer. 

The hearts and hands that create your corporate gifts uphold these gifting tenants from ideation through production and creation. At Vosges, we strive to create a gifting experience that will spread joy and appreciation and leave your recipients speechless as they Travel the World Through Chocolate


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