Breathe then Taste

Breathwork is an easily accessible, active meditation that can lead to increased focus and overall happiness. It is the conscious use of breath to move energy through the body, increase oxygen flow and overall well being. The practice is often used with traditional meditation as it gives rise to focus and magnifies the mind-body connection. The breath flow can also intensify your senses. This wondrous and simple exercise highlights the link between breath and taste:

Comfortably sit with a truffle in front of you. We’ve chosen a truffle from our Chocolate Meditation Collection. Take a few deep, clearing breaths through your nose and out of your mouth. Now breathe in for 4 counts though your nose and breathe out for 8 counts out of your nose. Do this up to 10 times in a row. Now, allow yourself to breathe slowly and naturally.

Next, pick up your truffle, and smell. Slowly taste the chocolate with your eyes closed. Notice the sound as you break through the chocolate, smell the layers of the taste, beginning, mid-note and finish. Breathe again.

Extending your exhales so they are a little longer than your inhales can help you relax and amplify your sense of taste! The human body is quite extraordinary. 

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