Celebrating Midsummer

Glad Midsommar!

The call for summer celebration continues with the holiday we call Midsummer. Normally an occasion marked by large gatherings, dancing and feasting, Midsummer beckons us to connect with nature in a season which represents love and fertility.

Agricultural societies across the globe, but especially in Sweden, show record of these celebrations as early as the 1500s. Some would dress up in flowers and ferns, whereas others would decorate their homes with foliage, farming tools and tall, flower-clad maypoles to dance around.

Along with being the lightest night of the year, Midsummer’s eve is considered a magical, almost holy night, that offers a deeper clarity into the events of the future. Ferns turned to flowers, water to wine, and plants would gain their healing powers depending on how the moon beams fell across the land. Pure magic in its observation and a chance for those who celebrate to take in the beauty that surrounds.

Nowadays, Midsummer is still celebrated with large gatherings, great feasts, and dancing from dusk till dawn. Meals made with fresh dill and lemon, a bevy of beverages, and low tablescapes of summer sweets and berries adorn the grassy earth. In fact, sky grazing maypoles are still erected, covered in foliage, as women create flower crowns to wear as they dance around them with pure joy and childlike freedom. Midsummer finds its footing in the freedom of nature. It allows us to let go and connect with our inner selves, the sunshine, and the moonlight.

Create Your Own Midsummer Celebration

Celebrate Midsummer on your own, or with a group! You don’t need a large gathering or festival to create, connect, and indulge in the season.

Start by gathering flowers, foliage, and flowing fabrics to set up your space. Our favorite way to start off the festivities is with a low tablescape floor feast on floral fabric, with charms and amulets to honor the day. Think of it like an altar in the grass, surrounded by sweets and treats and sunbathing. Dala horses, crystals soaking up the sun’s (and moon’s) energy, candles, flowers, anything red, gold, green or orange will absolutely fit the theme.

Take time to prepare treats and sweets for your midsummer picnic. Feel your heart’s intentions working through your hands as you set plates of chocolate truffles, tea cakes, and fresh strawberries out for all to enjoy. A rich and mighty cacao Pot de Crème is an appetizing (and gorgeous) custard to serve layered with homemade cream and even more ruby red berries.

Add a bit of music, mix up a round of Blackberry Tonics or Strawberry Negronis and let the celebrations begin. As the day moves on and the sun begins to set, get out of your head and into your heart. Let yourself dance! Solo or with friends, dancing is itself a meditation that can bring you closer to your soul, create joy and boost self-confidence. Watch as you become a conduit for the freedom, love, and divine glory of Midsummer.