Chocolate Minute Meditation, Perfect For Any Mom!


Our latest spring offering, Collection Uzume honors Uzume, the Japanese goddess of the dawn, merriment and humor acted as an ancient change agent credited with bringing joy to all in her path. She was jovial and creative, inspiring people to see their potential for happiness and creation. In this meditation we invite you to create space for yourself and participate in an act of self love.  

The Practice: 

Before you begin have paper and pen available and choose a truffle that is calling to you from the Collection Uzume. Make sure your chocolate is at room temperature. 

Take a seat anywhere you can escape activity and others: a corner of the kitchen, your bedroom or, if it’s warm, an outdoor space. create a peaceful space, all you need is a minute. Draw a circle on your paper and place your chocolate in the center. Gently fold your hands on your lap and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths in and out of your nose at the count to four. Relax your shoulders. Slowly open your eyes and notice that you have energy in your hands and fingertips. You have the power to create your reality, to manifest your most sacred intentions. 

On this same paper, write your intention. It should be a self loving, self affirming and focused solely on you. Start your written intention with the phrase, “I am winning at…”, and end it with, “’s better than I could ever imagine!!!” As taught by my meditation teacher, Dr. Barry Morguelan of Energy for Success , a world-class medical doctor and Grand Master of the Chinese Source Energy discipline, these phrases increase the manifestation power of your intention. Take this intention to heart and know it is your right and destiny!

Now take your chocolate from your circle. Read your intention while you, ever so slowly, eat the truffle. You are taking in the energy you infused into your chocolate from your written intention. This dream filled, loving vibration now flows back through you. 

Take a minute for yourself and practice this meditation often. Remember, you create your reality. Infuse it with love.

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