Corporate Gift Ideas

Gifting an Iconic Box

The orange box of Hermès has always meant high luxury. The proprietary turquoise blue of a Tiffany & Co. box has long been associated with love and romance. For the past twenty-plus years, the Vosges Haut-Chocolat purple box has come to symbolize innovation and the alchemy of food.

Purple boxes have been sent all over the globe for important occasions and celebrations that demand the most thoughtful chocolate, layered with stories, culture, and experiences. Our gifts tell the narratives of people, travel, the terroir of distant lands, and Katrina’s native Indiana. No matter which tale they tell, unique has always been a part of our brand’s DNA, and that is what makes our luxury corporate gifts and concierge service full of surprises in the best way.

iconic purple box

As we approach the 2020 holiday season, the importance of corporate gifting cannot be underestimated. It seems even more essential to make a lasting impression by showing a sign of your appreciation to corporate clients, business partners, employees, and anyone else you may have a business relationship with. It provides you the occasion to give recipients a moment to themselves to enjoy our newest haut-chocolat parfums or host a small soirée to share confections. The perfect gift in the form of a sweet treat is just the kind of gesture that everyone needs right now.

When it comes to corporate gift ideas, we pride ourselves on being choc-full of them. Whether you are going for the wow factor or want to offer a simple gesture of your appreciation, our chocolate concierges are at your service to tailor your holiday gift to your every whim and wish. Corporate gifting should be a pleasure, and we are here to make sure that no detail is missed in that pursuit.

The Chocolate and Then Some

Katrina spends much of the year combing the world to find best-in-class, ingredients and working with our partner-farmers to deliver parfums that are destined to become guest favorites. Raw wildflower honey, I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts, Taleggio cheese, Hungarian paprika, 12 year-aged Modena balsamic vinegar, and tart Michigan cherries are just some of Katrina’s finds that have been married to chocolate in truffles, chocolate elixirs, candy bars, and more.

Add luxurious packaging, guidebooks, and tasting menus and pairings to these ingredient-focused chocolates, and the purple gift box becomes much more than just a chocolate sweet treat. 

Those who have experienced it will be the first to say that there is something magical about giving and receiving a collection of chocolate that not only tastes delicious but also tells an unexpected story.

best in class ingredients

Make it Personal

Giving a unique corporate gift doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel.

Many clients choose from our current line-up of haut-chocolat collections and utilize our expertise to select a custom design. There are lots of ways to make your purple box truly yours.

Perhaps a marquee card to highlight a feature of your brand or share a message for the season. The same can be done with a belly band wrapped around the box to add a touch of what you do with what we do. We can happily customize and personalize a gift tag for each and every one of your gifts. For an extra special touch, ribbon in your choice of color with your company’s logo printed on it is an elegant way to surprise and delight.

custom options

Limited Edition Gifts

Every holiday season, we introduce a new exploration of chocolate. Limited in number, these collections celebrate something that Katrina has fallen in love with, a story she wants to tell, a curiosity she had, or a spark of inspiration that struck. 

This year, she celebrates the alchemical tradition and how it relates to the medium of chocolate. With an emphasis on wellness and healing ingredients, this collection is a unique gift idea for your special recipients. And because this limited edition gift is here one day and gone the next, it is a wonderful introduction to Vosges for new recipients and will also be appreciated by those who have experienced Vosges before.

Limited Edition Good Luck Cakes

From Cozy Comfort Foods to the Exceptional and Everything in Between

Ask anyone who works at Vosges what their favorite collection is, and you will likely get a very impassioned answer. We all have one, and we all think ours is the best. Maybe you’ve come to us because you also have one. From our delicious vegan chocolates to our gourmet chocolate bars, we have a large selection of chocolate gifts for all palettes and preferences. Comfort foods are extraordinary takes on traditional confections. Our Chocolate Bar collections offer a unique assortment of parfums for a range of tastes. Our larger collections are meant to be shared and are typically gifted for soirées or a corporate event. While this year these events may be smaller or remote, these collections are still a great way to participate in a haut-chocolat experience together, even when apart. Should you want to emphasize self-care, healing, and relaxation over the holidays, our ever-growing range of wellness cacao items and collections are a gracious gift for those who need a little R&R the most.


May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

No matter the gift you decide to give, sharing a little bit of magic and light is what the season and Vosges are all about. It’s always been true, and this year it’s even more so. Giving your thoughtful, personal gift is an extension of you and your brand that emphasizes the relationships you have cultivated. 

The Healer Collection

Need additional inspiration or ideas? We are always here for you. We love helping you give the perfect gift--whether it’s a thank you gift, a holiday gift or any gifting occasion. It’s what we are all about at Vosges. Visit our Corporate Gifting section for ideas and inspiration or connect with our Corporate Concierge to get started!