Embark on this season of love by exploring the stories of Ancient Egypt's pantheon of goddesses, gods and queens that had commitments to love, seduction and protection. Our Bastet Collection is a lavish and colorful array of parfums telling the story of this treasured inspiration.



Nurturing, passionate, fearless.

Bastet, the cat goddess was both a sensualist and  fierce protector. She was seen as The Sacred Cat and Egyptians placed a high regard for cats because of her. Any crimes made against cats are considered very severe and very unlucky as cats were considered to be holy animals. Cats are revered because of their protective nature by virtue of killing varmints that destroy crops. Henceforth, Bastet became the Egyptian goddess of cats, the home, fire, sunrise, music, dance, pleasure as well as sexuality, fertility, family, pregnant women, and children.

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Natural leader, charismatic, lovable.

A terrestrial, water and air goddess all in one, Eset was the most powerful and revered goddess in Egypt. Caring for deities and humans alike, she was elevated to supreme deity and beloved by all who followed her. Eset was also known as a most powerful magician. No ordinary sorceress, her maternal nature gave way to healing spells that protected the ordinary and charmed those that would do them harm. Her special kind of magic was used to protect the kingdom from enemies, govern the skies and rule fate, itself.  

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Romantic, dreamer, persuasive.

The last great ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra was as persuasive as she was beautiful. Captivating and seductive, her intellect was unrivaled, making her one of the most powerful characters in the lexicon of Egyptian history. While she may be known today mostly for her vanity and political leadership, Cleopatra's conscious of character and romantic nature may be her attributes most befitting a Queen. As you look into this mirror, allow your inner seductress to be unleashed and your beauty immortalized.

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Goddess Beauty Rituals

The Nefertiti

Caramel infused with Rose Water, Cardamom and Honey caramel in 62% cacao dark chocolate, topped with candied roses

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The Cleopatra

Truffle topped with radiant Blue Spirulina and infused with Fig, Chestnut, Ceylon Cinnamon and Wildflower Honey in 62% cacao dark chocolate

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Winged Sun

Raw Honey Wildflower Nectar gently sweetens 100% cacao Bark blended with Butter Toffee, Smoked Almonds, Medjool dates, Ceylon cinnamon, and Cardamom

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