Embark on this season of love by exploring the stories of Ancient Egypt's pantheon of goddesses, gods and queens that had commitments to love, seduction and protection. Our Bastet Collection is a lavish and colorful array of parfums telling the story of this treasured inspiration.


These love-infused collections are inspired by alchemy's origin in Egypt and the Emerald Tablet's seven-step process of personal transformation to raise consciousness. The Ancient Egyptians believed that one’s heart was their center and the most important energy zone in the body. 


A Love Letter to You: You deserve infinite amounts of good energy. It is yours to make, so make it. You are already a hero. You have everything you need. You are beautiful and so very worthy of love. It is your birthright. You are worth loving. Care for yourself. Open your heart and forgive yourself. Loving yourself allows you to love others and they to love you.


Self Love Collections


chocolate alchemy inspired by the deities, goddesses and queens of egypt


goddess of women's secrets, cats and fertility

Protect this woman. This sacred feline goddess is a defender and guardian of women, children and cats. Both fierce and gentle, Bastet is venerated throughout history for her protection of the home, childbirth and was the bringer of joy through music, dance, pleasure as well as sensuality. She is believed to be the personification of the soul of Eset. She is represented either as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat, a lioness or as a desert sand-cat. She holds with her a sacred rattle, the sistrum on her right hand and possesses the Uraeus, the revered, all seeing eye of Ra.


the goddess of life, magic, fertility and motherhood

Eset was the most powerful and popular goddess in Egyptian history. Considered a divine magician, she was associated with virtually ever y aspect of human life and elevated to the position of supreme deity. The “Mother of the Gods,” she cared for her fellow deities as she did for human beings. Her Egyptian name, Eset, means “Goddess of the Throne” because of her association with the monarch. She was very important to the Ancient Egyptians for her vast number of powers: as the maternal spirit in its purest form and the divine life giver to all pharaohs and ultimately to all of Egypt.


the alchemist

Cleopatra, the Alchemist, lived during the 3rd century and was a Macedonian Egyptian, who was also an author and philosopher. She experimented with practical alchemy but is also credited as one of the four female alchemists that could produce the Philosopher's stone. She was also known as the creator of the ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its own tail, often used by Alchemists to depict the cyclicality of life, death and transformation. In Cleopatra's time, Alexandria was a thriving center for scientific inquiry, intellectual dueling and philosophical thought. A noted scientist, she is also considered to be the inventor of the Alembic, used for distillation, an early tool for analytic chemistry. All of this considered it should be said that Cleopatra was a complete bad a$%.

goddess inspired recipes

love goddess truffles

“I created these truffles to raise your vibe and bring forth creativity stirrings inside.” – Katrina

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