Dragon Energetics & the Healing Power of Love

Manifestation, transformation, and healing- the archetypes of Spring. As Mother Nature stands there with her arms outstretched, offering us a chance to grow, we get a glimpse of what new beginnings look like- between blooms, blossoms, and the turning of the earth. At her side are many spiritual protectors, from animals to angels to oracles, and yes, dragons.

Dragons are divine Earth guardians who harness the lifeforce of creation and unlimited love. Representing the balance between our powerful masculine and sensual feminine energies, dragons, in a sense, are our yin and yang. Working with dragons as energy guides can help foster internal peace, self-empowerment, greater abundance and the ability to embody your own light. To dance with the dragon is to learn and to grow, to be bold and burn away all that no longer serves you.

The Eye of the Green Dragon of Spring who brings with him change, balance, and growth.

The Green Dragon of Spring  

There are many dragons among us. From the Green Dragon of Spring to the White Dragon of Fall, Tianlong the celestial, Feilong the cloud carrier, the Red Dragon of Summer or the Yellow Dragon that connects us all…the list goes on. The beautiful thing about the expanse of these spiritual creatures is that they are all protectors with a purpose. In Chinese folklore, the dragon symbolizes potent, auspicious power, strength, good luck and oneness with nature- particularly water, with its fluid motion and adaptability.

As the season shifts, the Green Dragon (also known as the Azure Dragon), protector of the East and essence of Spring, infuses its energy into the turning of the earth. These green energetics help push forth new beginnings. Along with the Green Dragon of Spring, we are graced with the presence of another spiritual energy – Nuwa, Mother Goddess of Creation and half dragon herself. It is said that Nuwa not only created humanity, but also repaired the pillars of Heaven, and shaped history with her wisdom and dragon energy.

Dragon Energy comes in all forms, colors, and feelings. It is common to feel a connection to dragon energy around bodies of water.

Approaching your inner dragon

Dragon Energetics are a divine tool for self-empowerment. To begin working with your inner dragon, you must be ready to accept responsibility for yourself, for your thoughts and for your actions. Approaching dragon energy with this inner-integrity is a sign of respect for these multi-dimensional beings- and respect goes two ways. It is also important to spend time in your mind, quietly, as you try to make a connection. Many call this Dragon Meditation, and like any mediation, it may take some time to find that sacred space within yourself. If you are coming from a place of gentle loving energy, and keeping that level of respect in mind, there is no wrong way to begin.

A peaceful place. Meditating on Dragon Energy in a natural setting can bring you closer to these spiritual protectors.

Breathe, Relax & Stay Open

Start by finding a space to sit quietly and relax. Maybe this is a natural setting, maybe this is in the comfort of your own home, regardless of the location, the goal is to create a space to “just be.” Keeping your heart and mind open, begin actively listening to your surroundings. Be receptive to sounds, feelings, or thoughts that roll across your senses.

You can encourage your connection to dragon energy by adding crystals and herbs to your meditation space. Start with basil, vetiver, or sage. Basil, considered holy in India, is preferred amongst spiritually healing house plants. Sage and vetiver are extraordinary cleansers and can eliminate negative emotions and energies from your space. Burning a bit of sage or vetiver before or during meditation will help ensure that you are absorbing the highest frequency of dragon energy.  Dragon Stone and Rose Quartz together work towards empowering the emotional body and aura, aligning with the fundamentals of dragon energetics. Place the stones upon your heart and take deep breaths, each breath slower than the last. Close your eyes and feel the passionate, courageous and healing energies melt over your heart. Use your inner voice to set your intentions, “It is my intention to connect with a loving protector, a dragon of the highest frequency and brightest light.” As you become more attuned with their energy, you will find that these trustworthy guides have been with you all along.

Tapping into the universal and cosmic source that is dragon energetics can be life changing, soul transforming work. It is time to reflect on your own strength and wisdom, and call upon your inner dragon. Let these sometimes-chaotic moments spark your fire. Burn the ego, drown the ashes, distill change and listen as the majestic dragon beckons you.

Are you ready to ignite your inner fire?

Much like cats, dragons are purposeful with who they choose to connect to. Keep your heart open and remember to respect these divine energies.

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