Frequency: Healing Sounds & Haut-Chocolat


Frequency: Healing Sounds & Haut-Chocolat

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality." If your reality is better sleep, there's a frequency for that. If your reality is to overcome anxiety, there is a frequency for that, too. For everything that ails you, there is a frequency that can heal you.

Frequency healing, often referred to as sound healing, begins with the solfeggio frequencies. These are ancient healing tones that use powerful vibrations to enhance spiritual awareness and heal the body and mind. The most widely acknowledged example is the Benedictine Monks in the 9th and 10th centuries, who incorporated these sounds into Gregorian chants. Still, the use of healing holy tones dates back even further. Ancient Egyptian culture, ancient Sanskrit chants, and Chinese medical traditions are all documented to have used sound healing in some form.

In our quest to create chocolate, we don't stop at the delicious; we aim to craft confections that sustain and improve physical and mental health using these sound and vibrational healing principles. Of course, our cacao and other high-vibe ingredients are sourced and harvested ethically with loving intention, but our entire process is approached with the same positivity. In fact, we infuse all of our chocolates with a 528hz frequency, sustained as the chocolate cools from liquid to solid, creating a transformational, healing, and miracle-manifesting experience.

The 528hz frequency, often called the "love frequency," resonates with the heart chakra and is one of the six original solfeggio tones. This tone acts as the "miracle tone, " increasing creativity, positivity, and energy. It is also used in DNA repair and assisting in personal transformation. While 528hz is one of the most popular healing frequencies, many more tones offer different purposes.

A Quick Guide to Sound Frequencies

174 Hz - Relieves Pain, Tension & Stress

285 Hz - Heals & Restores Tissues, Increases Immunity

396 Hz - Releases Fear and Guilt, Turns Grief into Joy

417 Hz - Facilitates Change, Combats Negativity, and Trauma

528 Hz - Increases Creativity, Positivity, Feelings of Love and Assists in Personal Transformation

639 Hz - Promotes Peace, Harmony, Connection and Balances Relationships

741 Hz - Promotes Freedom of Expression, Problem Solving and Removes Toxins from the Body

852 Hz - Awakens Intuition and Enlightens the Higher Self

963 Hz - Connection to the Universe and Higher Consciousness

How to Engage in Sound Healing

Healing frequencies beyond the solfeggio tones are readily available across the web, particularly on YouTube. Once you have chosen the tones that appeal to you and your method of listening, find a quiet place free of distractions to begin your sound healing journey- this could be your bed, a sunny corner in your home, or a comfortable place outside.

Whether using headphones or playing through speakers, sitting in a comfortable position (like lotus pose) or lying down is best. Set the volume to a low or medium level, and relax. Listen to the tones for as long as you feel comfortable or all day, if you please. You can listen to your favorite healing frequencies or the entire solfeggio scale as often as you like. Still, the key to seeing results is to be consistent and listen to the tones regularly- even if only while you sleep.

Over time, the effects of these tones will begin to manifest in your body and mind. Do not be surprised if new emotions arise—it is all part of the healing process.