Fresh Wasabi Chocolate (aka Black Pearl Truffle) + Musk Melon Tisane

Wasabi and Chocolate

Black Pearl, the third eye opener. 

Authentic wasabi rhizome is extremely rare in it pure form and traditionally grows along the banks of Japan’s cool mountain streams. It offers a less fiery and aromatic verdant spice when blended with Fijian ginger, 72% cacao dark chocolate and ceremonial matcha. This aromatic and earthy chocolate raises focus for everything is coming alive around us and it for us to uncover the allegory in the blooms. Simply paired here with a spring water tisane of honeydew melon, cucumber, fresh ginger, and shiso leaves.

Magical properties:

The frilly edged Shiso leaves are of the mint family and have a slightly spicy taste with hints of mint and cinnamon. You’ll often find them used in Asian spells of attraction. The more the merrier. 


A pitcher of pure spring water
1/4 sliced honeydew melon
½ cucumber
5 slices fresh ginger
4 shiso leaves


Combine ingredients in a pitcher and allow a cold infuse in the refrigerator for an hour up to 3 days. Remove ingredients sooner for a lighter aroma.