Goat Cheese + Hazelnut + Milk Chocolate

milk chocolate and hazenut

Kisshoten, the Goddess of Fortune, Merit and Wealth is our honored muse. For our bomba creation crafted with I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnut with reishi, aside dulce de leche, roasted Ghanian cacao nibs in 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and encased spirulina infused white chocolate.

The goddess Kisshoten comes from Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The Reishi mushroom is truly an enchanted valuable of the natural world both for its health benefits and earthy flavor. It imparts a slightly bitter contrast to the riches of the milky and smooth caramel parfum of dulce de leche and pairs nicely with a wrinkly edible washed rind aged goat cheese crottin by Vermont Creamery, named La Coupole.


A crottin of aged goat cheese. La Coupole, Vermont Creamery
1 Kisshoten bombalina from our limited-edition Ostara Collection, dulce de leche, IGP hazelnut and dark chocolate

or enjoy alongside our Collezione Italiana


Bring goat cheese to room temperature and enjoy side by side with your Kisshoten or Italian truffles.

milk chocolate and hazelnut