High-Phenolic Wellness: Olive Oil & Dark Chocolate

Meet Two Polyphenol Antioxidant Super Queens

Used for millennia throughout the Mediterranean as part of a healthy diet, olive oil has long been appreciated for its versatility, wellness properties, and taste. If harvested early and milled by experts, it can yield a sublime natural flavor and contain higher levels of oleocanthal and polyphenols, medicinal, potent body-nourishing, and healing nutrients.

Often referred to as the “Food of the Gods” in Aztec culture, raw cacao is an ancient superfood once reserved for the royal elite. In the ancient world, Cacao was a form of currency, and the mystique of this plant has been well-documented since the beginning of the written word. Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, Cacao is nutrient rich with benefits for the mind, skin, and body. 

These collections explore these two ingredients in their purest form, combined to make chocolates that taste as beautiful as they make you feel. Now is the time for chocolate and olive oil wellness!

Kyoord The Governor Olive Oil is the nudge that created the spark for our newest collections. This is not just any olive oil, but a third-generation family cultivated oil from the Corfu region, famous for its premium olive groves. The Governor is same-day pressed, and beyond organic, as it contains no additives and no chemicals. And while this premium unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is supremely robust with sublime flavor, it’s what you can’t taste that makes it so special. Because of the careful growing, handling, pressing, and bottling processes, The Governor contains 8 times more polyphenols than most other extra virgin olive oils.

This high-phenolic olive oil is considered medical grade in the EU and studies that continue at Kyoord have shown it to be effective in impacting cardiovascular, neurogenerative, cancerous, respiratory, and dementia-related diseases when consumed daily. This Superior Source was the perfect match for our proprietary chocolate and other carefully sourced ingredients to create four truffles that highlight this luscious oil and bring attention to its wellness benefits.


High-Phenolic Kyoord® Olive Oil + Chocolate Truffle Gift Set

The High-Phenolic Kyoord Olive Oil + Chocolate Truffles Collection includes 4 of our newest truffles all with a luscious ganache crafted from this beautiful oil, packed with healthful anti-inflammatory polyphenols and gorgeous parfums. You will also receive Kyoord’s “The Governor” Olive Oil, contained in a keepsake, opaque bottle protecting the same-day pressed and bottled oil insuring impactful taste and optimal medicinal benefits.


High-Phenolic Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle Collection

Our latest and greatest Vegan Truffle innovation. We blended a treasured early-harvest olive oil with our proprietary dark chocolate and added luscious pockets of fruits, nuts, and superior sourced ingredients. Having a minimal amount of sugar present in the chocolate, and using fruits to sweeten them, these vegan truffles are low in sweetness and sumptuously rich without any dairy. The collection offers four of our newest parfums: Black Forest Cherry, Bronte Pistachio, Fermented Almond Butter, and Tahitian Orchid Vanilla.  

Now is the time for chocolate and olive oil wellness!