Ostara and the Star

ostara and the star

Alchemists are credited with the original creation of the liqueur as they accidentally discovered extraction techniques while trying to convert base metals to gold. These alchemists developed the process of distillation, maceration, and blending. Soon monks refined the liqueur recipe in their effort to invent potions for long life and Izarra as we know it today, was born. Basque for “the star”.

There are two varieties of Izarra—yellow and green. Yellow Izarra is created from 32 secret herbs and has an almond aroma. Green Izarra is created from 48 secret herbs and has a complex herbal and peppermint, refreshing taste. In addition to the herbs used in production, both Izarras consist of alcohol distilled with herbal bounty, a liquid created by soaking prunes and walnut shells in Armagnac; syrup of sugar and local acacia honey. Infusion is the process used to create herbal liqueurs. The infusionist places herbs in a container and pours hot alcohol over them. The liqueur rests for six months in barrels before it is bottled. Izarra like Chartreuse is still considered a medicinal herbal liqueur.


1 jigger Izarra, green style
1 Amarena Fabbri wild cherry
1 Ostara bombalina


Pour green Izarra in your favorite cordial glass and drop in an amarena cherry. The Ostara bombalina is crafted with revered I.G.P. hazelnuts from Piemonte Italy, Ranier cherries, a touch of chaga, and 62% cacao dark chocolate encased in dragon fruit toned white chocolate. Our pairing chanteuse is a vibrant chartreuse liqueur, from the French Basque country, Izarra (meaning Star), made from a distillate of 48 secret herbs, spices and two macerations with prunes and walnut husks and a complex herbal and pepper-mint refreshing taste. It is amazing if you haven’t had the pleasure it is a must try.