Raise Your Vibration with Chocolate

The Case for Raising Your Vibration with Food

As science has advanced, we are reminded of what our ancient ancestors knew: food is fuel. 

Those before us had a much more challenging time acquiring food. Most of them had to hunt and gather what they ate, limited to what lived and grew nearby. We may have a much easier time getting our food now, but in the modern era, we have been given what most would say is too many choices, many of them processed and having little to do with what can be found right where we live. 

Food can travel globally in a matter of days and with that comes the opportunity to try things we would have never been able to thousands of years ago. This modernization also means that food made in factories using ingredients that we can’t pronounce is a part of our modern culture. Many would argue that this has contributed to poor eating choices and forgetting that food mostly exists to fuel our bodies, not just to please our tastebuds. 

At Vosges, we approach the use of cacao and chocolate in an alchemical way. We are mindful of where it fits into a healthy diet and how its’ being, what is described as a high vibrational food, may make it just what the doctor ordered. 

But what is high vibe and how do we use food to achieve it? Right now, as you are reading this, you are carrying energy at a certain vibe or frequency. In fact, every living thing on the planet carries a specific vibe or frequency. When our vibrations are at a higher level, we have more energy, are more open and our ability to live healthfully is raised. One of the main ways to achieve this is by choosing what we consume more carefully. And while this means consumption in terms of media, the thoughts and moods of those around us, our work environments, as well as our homes, since what we do is food, we’ll focus on that!

whole cacao pod

What Physically Happens When We Eat High Vibe Foods?

When high vibe foods are consumed mindfully it results in a shift of energy on a cellular level. Physically, our bodies respond to higher frequency vibrations in positive ways. With deeper breathing, stress melts away. Raising your vibe can improve a number of other body functions, such as circulation, nervous system activity, digestion, and sleep quality. Feeling well on a physical level helps us reach a higher vibrational frequency, overall health and longevity. Mentally, mindful consumption of high vibe foods assists in attracting positive experiences, alignment with positive people, access to our deepest intuition and connection with our spirit. Foods that are alive, clean pure and activated with enzymes and minerals are high vibe foods.

Some of the foods with the highest energetic vibration are those that grow because of the light and warmth of the sun. Leafy vegetables that grow above ground and literally stretch their little stems and leaves towards the sun are high vibe. Because they are closest to the sun, they are taking energy that passes directly to you when you consume it. Nutritional intake of other high vibration foods includes: young sprouts, shoots, soaked seeds, legumes and whole grains. Fermented foods, such as kimchi, unsweetened yogurt, kombucha and kefir, also make the list. 

On the flip side, low frequency foods, will most likely not surprise you. The usual suspects like refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, sugar sweetened beverages like sodas, processed foods, caffeine, and most meats are all parts of the food groups that can zap energy vibration. Meals that include these items often cause the body to work harder and energy levels to plummet after consumption. Best to stay away, especially when there are such tasty alternatives to be found.

Chocolate health benefits

High Vibration Foods x Vosges

Raw honey, maple syrup, fresh herbs and spices, are just some of the high vibe foods that we love to explore in our Chocolate Temple and use in our chocolates. All are excellent additions to a diet focused on energetic frequency.

The real high vibe star of the show at Vosges Haut-Chocolat, though, is cacao.

For thousands of years cacao has been used as sacred medicine. Ancient Mayan myth said cacao came down from the heavens when humans needed to regenerate. 

Active ingredients in cacao increase blood flow and heart rate, opening the heart chakra to raise those consuming it up from fear and worry. While nourishing the body it keeps the blood vessels relaxed, easing blood pressure and optimizing circulation. It makes the heart work more optimally and puts less stress on it.

Our quest is to create chocolates from cacao that are not only delicious, but have the ability to sustain and improve physical and mental health. We make every effort to do as little to our raw ingredients as possible, keeping processing and any lower vibration ingredients out of the mix. 

We source cacao and our other high vibe ingredients from partners and places where they are harvested ethically with loving intention. When we craft our chocolate, we approach it with this same positivity, passing this energy on to the chocolate and our guests. We infuse all of our chocolates with a frequency at 528hZ, sustained as the chocolate cools from a liquid state to a solid state. This is a transformational, healing and miracle-manifesting frequency.

Some of the High Vibe Collections We’re Most Excited About

  • Pure Plant Chocolate Bars: Our Pure Plant chocolate bars are high vibe, infused with healing sound frequency and have no refined sugars. They highlight the health benefits of the mystical cacao by incorporating the whole pod, bringing to light parts of the pod rarely used, but full of goodness. These are simple bars with complex benefits.
  • Vegan Truffle Collection: Olive oil and dark chocolate have long been revered for their holistic properties and are the stars of our Vegan Truffle Collection. As an expression of these two celebrated and healthful ingredients, they are an indulgence in gorgeous, high vibe chocolates. For those that practice a vegan lifestyle, we provide additional details in our article “What chocolate is vegan?”
  • Grateful Dead Collection: Featuring the Dancing Bears in Space chocolate bar, the Raw Honey Wildflower Nectar chocolate bar and a 16-piece Grateful Dead Exotic Truffle Collection, these chocolates express the magic of the band and their tribe of fans. To elevate this collection to a higher level of consciousness, it has been infused, quite literally, with the sound frequencies of the Grateful Dead’s music. High vibe chocolate and high vibe sound.
alchemy of chocolate

    We’re continuing to educate ourselves on all of the discoveries in the world of high frequency foods and we can’t wait to make more high vibe chocolate treats to share.

    We love contributing to this energetic frequency to help bring happiness to all who eat our chocolates. After all, that’s what peace, love and chocolate is all about.

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