Rituals For The Autumnal Equinox

On Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, the seasonal shift begins. The Autumnal Equinox, also called the September or Fall Equinox, signifies the start of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. As Summer ends and days grow shorter, leaves begin to change and time seems to slow down, allowing us to become more present in our day-to-day.

The word equinox is derived from the Latin aequus meaning “equal” and nox meaning “night”. On this day, the sun shines directly on the equator, causing day and night to be nearly equal. This perfect balance is reflected in the themes of the season, and the celebration of this autumnal transition.

Symbolism & Rituals

Historically, the Autumnal Equinox was a time to honor the bounty of your harvest and reap what was sown. Spiritually and interpersonally, this is the perfect time for expressing gratitude and thanks, revisiting your goals and routines, and looking at all you have accomplished in the year thus far.

Symbols like the double spiral, apples, marigolds, hops, fennel and mushrooms make perfect conduits for intention setting at your autumnal altar, and for use in your equinox rituals. The goals and intentions we set during this time can help sustain our goals and carry us from Winter to Spring.

How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

  • Cleanse & Clear Your Space
    Honor the season by clearing space in your home. Start by decluttering areas that create mental stress or fog, and burn sage (or Palo Santo) to cleanse the area of negativity. Starting with a clean foundation will set your mind up for a season of success.
  • Make a Gratitude List or Journal
    Expressing gratitude daily via a list or journal is a powerful tool of manifestation and intention setting. Putting your love and joy out into the universe will come back to you ten fold. 
  • Connect with Nature
    Spend time outdoors admiring Mother Earths great talent: change. The color shifts, the transition from day to night, the way the sky looks and the air feels under a crisp Fall sky...feel how truly marvelous it is to bask in her beauty.
  • Create an Autumnal Altar
    Create an indoor (or outdoor) altar where you can pause daily and set your intentions. Fruits and vegetables of the season, fallen leaves, seeds, and nuts are the perfect adornments for your altar, as well as crystals, candles, or any autumnal items you may feel drawn to. Sacred spaces like this are perfect for finding your center, starting, and ending your day. 
  • Prepare an Equinox Feast
    An intimate gathering around a feast of Fall foods is a wonderful way to honor the equinox. Carrots, parsnips, cornbread, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, apples, and pears mixed with warming spices and herbs are all plentiful at this time of year, and perfect for your equinox feast. 

No matter how you celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, we wish you peace and harmony in this new, beautiful season.