Spring Tablescaping with Katrina

The winter slumber has come to an end and the return of Spring is imminent! Though the ground may still be covered in frost, now is the time to celebrate Easter and the season of abundance with colorful, layered tablescapes reminiscent of the blossoming Spring. Here are a few of my favorite ways to honor the arrival of sunnier seasons.

Peace, Love and Chocolate, 

1. Add Texture to Your Table

Start your Easter or Spring tablescape by adding texture to your setting surface. My favorite way to add a touch of detail is to choose two linens that remind me of Spring- one light and lacy and one softly colored. Layer the two linens on top of each other across your table to create a sense of depth in your tablescape. 

2. The Center of Attention

Creating a centerpiece that stands out is easy this time of year when we are blessed with brightly colored blossoms and gifts from the Earth. Step outside and gather greenery from your own property, or stop by a local flower shop for the freshest additions. Create your centerpiece by placing bunches of greenery toward the center, followed by flowers, mushrooms, and baby buds of your choosing. Be sure to tuck the stems inside the thicket of greenery for a more polished appearance. 

3. Light the Way

Placing candles amongst your centerpiece adds a glow of warmth to the table and illuminates the flowers below. I love using candlesticks at different heights to help guide the eye and highlight different areas of the tablescape. 

4. Go for Hoppy and Fun(gi) Details

This year's Easter Collection is the perfect compliment to my Spring forest-inspired table. The ultimate centerpiece is our Magical Mushroom Extraordinaire, not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. I added a few of our flop-eared Magical Rabbits and Hazelnut Chocolate Mushrooms along the "forest floor" to complete my vision of the magical and fantastical.

5. Layer with Love and Intention

Once you have added your details, it is time to set the table. Layering plates on plates, napkins on top of lace doilies, and topping them with silverware immediately elevates the look of your tablescape and lets your guests know that now is the time to feast! Don't forget to leave little party favors at each place setting to enjoy after or alongside the meal. Bon appétit!

We at Vosges hope you have a hoppy Easter and a blossoming Spring!