The Best Mother's Day Chocolate Gifts

mother's day gifts

On the second Sunday of every May, we take a pause to celebrate the moms in our lives. Be it our own mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, partners or mentors, it is a day set aside to show appreciation for these important women who are the matriarchs and often the leaders in our families. 

This is a day to fete and honor them for their maternal love and nature, the Mother’s Day holiday was started just over a hundred years ago to celebrate women activists. It was the brainchild of three Pennsylvanian women in an attempt to bring focus to their mothers, activists who had championed health, welfare, peace and love for their fellow citizens.  

During a year where our mommas had to juggle even more than previous ones, it seems even more important to celebrate all of the strong women in our lives and put all of our attention on them on May 9th. To help you make it an extra special day, we wanted to offer some ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Let them eat cake! 

yuzu cakes


Moms are usually the ones making all of the cakes. This year, let us do the work. Our limited edition Yuzu petits gateaux are infused with Eastern Asian yuzu whilst also paying homage to the pâtissiers of the past, who finely crafted petit fours in late 18th and 19th century France. These richly tart, dainty, yuzu cakes are enrobed in cocoa butter-rich 36% cacao white chocolate and crowned with pink peppercorns and crystallized orange pieces.  

A chocolate collection created for your family’s very own goddess hero!


The goddess of the dawn, merriment and humor, Uzume acted as an ancient change agent credited with bringing joy to all in her path. She was jovial and creative, inspiring people to see their potential for happiness and creation. This collection also celebrates Uzume’s origins in Japanese culture and her attribute of creativity. Inspired by her travels, Katrina has used the medium of chocolate to honor the ingredients that are found throughout Japan during this season of renewal and the artisans who craft and cultivate them.  

For a mom that is full of personality and a little bit sassy!


Sweet, tart and warmly spicy, our absolutely addicting Cranberry Pecan Toffee is a delicious treat and a new twist on our beloved toffee, a longtime Vosges classic. Dressed up in spiced pecans and cranberries with a heart center of Ceylon cinnamon, the sweet butter toffee is then encased in 45% cacao deep milk chocolate for a crunchy treat.

Give your mom a moment just for herself.

ritual for peace

Plan a spa day at home! Since so many salons and spas are closed, turn your bathroom into one! Gift her our Ritual Collection for Peace, light the special candle, run a warm bath with our Healing Water bath salts and pour her a glass of champagne. Create this oasis for your momma to take a deep breath, enjoy the sounds of running water, her glass of bubbly and silence.

Ritual Collection for Peace

This collection is designed to give the gift idea of peace through the medium of chocolate. 

It is beautifully packaged in one of our signature gift boxes and includes our Vegan Truffle collection, Healing Waters bath salts, a Linnea’s Lights votive candle, Palo Santo Gift Bundle, a feather and a guided ritual card.

Say it with flowers.

flowers mother's day

Fresh flowers brighten everyone’s day and make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Seeking out a local florist is always a great way to support independent businesses and you can also go seek out flowers in their natural habitat. As the earth starts to wake up and bloom, find some flowers that express your love. Perhaps accompany them with a book on the secret language of flowers to show the significance and meaning of each flower or some seeds to grow the same variety at home.

Make your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, partner or friend their favorite dish.

Is there a family recipe that you love? Maybe there is a special dish that has passed through generations or comes from the place where your family originates from. Making a special meal is always a great way to show appreciation, especially for a special occasion. At the very least, coffee and breakfast in bed (and a few truffles never hurt,) accompanied by an extra hour of sleep is always a treat.

Celebrate with a few of her favorite things.

Together with other friends or family members, create a special gift box or a chocolate gift basket filled with your mum’s favorites. Be it candy and chocolates for her sweet tooth, a great book or journal, a bottle of wine from a favorite place or maker with a set of beautiful glasses, you’re sure to make her heart sing when you show your care for choosing the things that she loves.

Have it delivered.

Nothing says “you have the day off” better for a mom than having delicious treats, a chocolate delivery and perhaps dinner from her favorite restaurant show up at her doorstep. Having everything sent in is a great  gift idea to allow your recipient the chance to spend uninterrupted time with her family. If your mom, grandma, spouse, etc. is generally the one bogged down with the chores of the house, this is an especially great way to make this day, unlike the others.

At the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts.

Whether you are wanting to show appreciation to an extraordinary mom, grandma, dog/cat momma, mum, sister, bestie or partner, this Mother’s Day, take the time to carefully curate the perfect gift filled with thoughtful treats and sweets, meaningful words and items to help them get present and enjoy the day. And of course, don’t leave out the chocolate for a Mother's Day gift idea, there are many different types of chocolate to consider!