The Mayan New Year + Lion's Gate Portal with Ariel Spilsbury

A photo of Sirius A, or Dog Star, the brightest, largest star in the night sky. Sirius, or The Dog Star, Courtesy of Pixabay

From July 26th through August 13th, we have a chance to celebrate the highest cosmic times. The Mayan New Year and opening of the Lion's Gate Portal begin on July 26th, followed by the peak opening of the Lion's Gate Portal on August 8th.

As we approach these sacred dates, we had the incredible opportunity to learn more from Ariel Spilsbury, celebrated author, and Vosges enthusiast, and, who in her own words, is “a mumbling mystic, wily old crone guide”. Ariel is the author of the books The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars, The 13 Moon Oracle, The Alchemy of Ecstasy, and most recently she has authored Gaia's New Dream Coat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia's Greening.

Ariel has extended her vast knowledge to share with all Vosgiens the significance of The Mayan New Year and the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Vosges: Thank you so much for taking time to chat with us Ariel. Can you expand a bit on the importance of these cosmic times?

Ariel: The Lion’s Gate represented a time of added evolutionary potential and deep spiritual initiation in Egypt for the purpose of raising consciousness and advancing the human race as a whole. Imagine yourself, standing in the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. You’re watching the simultaneous, helical rising of the sun and the planet Sirius. And due to the way the Queen’s chamber was constructed, it focuses the powerful cosmic rays of Sirius through a tube, allowing its light to fall on to an altar and the head of a priest or priestess ready receive its frequency. Then, it is their job to disseminate this blessing of light to the people.

The ancient Maya also revered this star knowledge by setting their New Year calendar, the Tzolkin, to begin on July 26th. The five days prior to that are called “the days out of time” wherein they stepped out of ordinary life, fasted, extinguished all fires, paid debts, and asked for forgiveness. In short, they cleaned up what was necessary to have a fresh, new cosmic start on the beginning of the New Year. At dawn on July 26th, the ancient Mayans held a crystal skull above a set fire pit, awaiting Father Sun’s light to ignite the world anew with flames bursting forth, starting life once again renewed and re-birthed.

Can you imagine how different our world would be if we observed this sacred practice of release for five days each year, and then celebrated the new opportunity to grow in consciousness, rather than the frivolous celebrations for (the Julian) New Year? Let’s imagine that together!

Chocolate was very important to Mayan life and was used in sacred celebrations throughout the world as a sacred food. May we joyfully use it as a sacrament in our celebrations of the Lion’s Gate and Mayan New Year! Thank you, Vosges, for raising the consciousness of the world through the gift of your high-vibe chocolates!

Vosges: We know that July 26th is the start of the Mayan New Year but the celebration of the Lion’s Gate Portal Opening falling on August 8th (8/8) also holds meaning. Can you explain the significance of the number 8?

Ariel: In the Egyptian mysteries, Thoth, the Lord of Eight said: “I am the one who becomes the two, who becomes the four, who becomes eight, who becomes one again.” I expand on this I talk about this in my book, The 13 Moon Oracle.

In Egyptian mythology, out of the light came eight primordial deities. This eight-fold soul divided itself as in the mantra of Thoth, who was called the Lord of Eight. “I am the one who becomes the two, who becomes the four, who becomes the eight and then I become one again.” This is a veiled sound mystery that has to do with the movement of octaves of being and consciousness.

In the Mayan mysteries, 8 is the ray/number of harmonic resonance. It is considered to be Eternal Love made visible in form. It creates the infinity symbol connecting and harmonizing any apparent differences or points of view into Oneness.

Vosges: How can people celebrate and honor the portal opening on their own?

Ariel: By making a simple ceremony to honor the opening that the Lion's Gate and Mayan New Year represents. Setting a sacred circle around yourself energetically. Your ceremony can include finding a sacred oil to anoint yourself with, getting flowers representative of the offering or intention setting you wish to make with the Divine. Bringing any poetry or prayer offering that you wish to make to celebrate the opening of the Lion's Gate and the Mayan New Year. Come with a willingness to let go of the past and intend to the future how and what direction you would like your New Year to unfold. Then, always setting aside time just to BE open and receptive to whatever energies, images or Divine guidance comes into your awareness as you sit in emptiness and stillness.

Vosges: Are there any other spiritual or cosmic events that parallel the portal opening?
Ariel: Nothing that is exactly like this portal. There are astrological configurations that portend times for optimal opportunities to receive guidance from the Divine. This is one of them.

To learn more from and keep up with Ariel Spilsbury, visit her online at the Holographic Goddess and the Sanctuary of the Open Heart