The Return of Spring: An Easter Chocolate Collection

The Return of Spring Has Begun!

“The snow has not yet left the earth, but spring is already asking to enter your heart.” - Anton Chekov

The storied tale of the seasons the Ancient Greeks tell us is that in one moment, Persephone was a just girl picking flowers, bold and beautiful. In the next, she was plucked by Hades to be the Queen of the Underworld. The sun G-d, Helios, having witnessed the kidnapping went to Persephone’s mother Demeter to tell her what he had seen. Distraught, Demeter pled with Hades for her daughter’s return. He relented but tricked Persephone into eating pomegranate seeds before her return, which in their world was a guarantee which would force her to return each year. And so it came to be, that the time Persephone was away from Demeter became one of barrenness. The world would become cold and quiet. The ground would become frozen. All the flora and fauna would disappear until Persephone’s return…

…which we wait for now.

The winter slumber is over. The arrival of Persephone is imminent. She is no longer the girl she once was. She is the siren of awakening and rebirth. She is the symbol of abundance. She whispers to you that the time for dreaming is over and the time for doing has arrived.

As the flowers bloom and you tend to your gardens, tend to your visions with the same care. Though the ground may be still covered in frost, push through. Let’s go.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate,

Persephone Returns

The winter slumber is over and the return of Persephone is imminent. Though the ground may still be covered in frost, she reminds you to push through. Our spring collection celebrates  her tenacity and the abundance the earth provides during the season of rebirth. This collection offers limited edition truffles and our mini enchanted mushrooms in an array of superior sourced spices, nuts and fruits that fete the season of renewal.

Enchanted Mushroom Extraordinaire 

Made and decorated by hand, each Mushroom Extraordinaire stands nearly 6 inches tall, weighs 1.25 pounds and is filled with a soft dark chocolate hazelnut and Chaga mushroom ganache. The centerpiece of any Easter fête or celebration of Spring. 

Enchanted Mini Mushrooms

Umbrella shaped mushrooms sprout and bloom in spring, blanketing the forest floors in clusters like tiny toadstools. Our enchanted mushrooms reveal a surprise delicacy: they are filled with sweet, meaty hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy. These treasured nuts from Piemonte are considered the finest in the world. We blend them with 45% deep milk chocolate and the result is a roasted, toasty parfum, and a bite that is both creamy and crunchy. 

Magical Rabbit

Our high-spirited, curious, and playful magical bunny, hops ahead of Persephone to announce the arrival of spring with a spring in his step. With just a hint of his silly, sweet, shyness displayed in his bent ear, our 45% deep milk chocolate bunny is blended with gentle, slightly sweet pink Himalayan sea salt giving the chocolate a floral finish and a little bit of crunch.

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