Unwrap Holiday Magick: The 2022 Limited Edition Collection

"Let this be a holiday of enchanted awareness, gratitude and the power to manifest. As above, so below. There is a glow of light that shines all around us as the holidays approach. The twinkle of the lights in the trees and houses illuminated by the celestial skies of the moon and the winter constellations of the stars overhead. But what of the light that we can’t see? The light that exists below the ground we walk on and the light within ourselves that we have yet to excavate to see in our dress, steps, and jargon.

What you seek, you will find...the collections I made this year are about curiosity, seeking and exploring the magick found within, around and above. They are a reflection and illustration of how I invite the muse in to compose chocolates. This resonance method requires looking deeper into what is right in front of you. It is about being open to the signs that present themselves, having gratitude for them and allowing them to forge a path for you. It’s acknowledging the guidance given when you are dealt a hand you are not expecting, a siren song to play and when you are nudged, it is simply the universe’s push to explore its beautiful mysteries.

Whether it be the large 2+ pound slabs of chocolate we made for smashing and sharing, the truffles of the Ultima Materia Collection we present as a continuum of last year’s Prima Materia, the fan favorites found in our Self Love Collection and the delightful and playful Calendar of Advent, each of the collections are made to beckon you to peek behind the doors of your heart, open the windows of the mind, and to pull out literal drawers to find delectable sweets. Feast with friends, have enchanted evenings with family and encourage merry making throughout the season and beyond, all the while embracing your own inner magnitude.

I’ve traveled the world over to find just the right ingredients to blend with sacred cacao and infusing them with heart opening and vibe raising frequencies, this is my gift to you this holiday season. Let their beauty, smell, touch and tastes be an invitation to seek. For when you accept such overtures, it is then that the light swells beneath your feet to show you the way."

Peace, Love & Chocolate, 

The Ultima Materia Collection

Our newest experiential collection, a high art, magical chocolate experience. This collection of 21 chocolates and guided tasting book is designed to transform your chocolate into a powerful force. Ultima Materia was known as rich, transformative soils that alchemists searched the world over. This collection is rooted in beautiful chocolate, which from the moment it is seen begins to elicit an unlock of the senses.

The Enchanted Collection

My hand selected collection of our most beloved chocolate expressions from the whole of our library, the gift for a true chocolate lover. Our proprietary blend of chocolate, spices, herbs, roots and botanicals are sourced for their superior qualities. The truffle collection includes an enclosure book with guided tasting notes, ingredient sourcing details and experiential truffle stories.

The Self Love Collection

For the equestrian and unbridled spirits to remember loving anyone starts with you first. A self-love experience included with our beloved peanut butter bonbons, a blend of 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and artisan peanut butter topped with Maldon salt aside our handcrafted caramel marshmallows with Reunion Island vanilla bean, pecans and walnuts enrobed in 62% cacao dark chocolate. 

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