What is Subtle Energy Work?


This is something that, for most, is aspirational. We want it, but we aren’t sure how to get it with all we see, hear, and, most importantly, do every day. The ancients knew how to bring balance. They knew that to have spiritual and emotional balance, they needed to begin with the energy healing of their physical bodies. 

The art and science of balancing the energetic systems that comprise our physical, emotional, and spiritual health systems is called subtle energy.

What is Subtle Energy Work? | Vosges

Subtle energy work has been studied for millennia. The alchemists studied it as a part of their investigations of prima materia. Prima materia is considered the darkest matter, a field of potentiality for gaining access to the “one thing”. Perfect prima materia is a real substance. Run through the seven steps of transformation as a process to release and manifest, a tangible seed can be extracted, allowing the creation to be brought into the physical world. Prima materia represents the infinite potential of creation. 

These are rich soils that are made of the stars. Holding the minerals and metals of the skies and the earth in your hands are a potent combination of the above and the below: the Earth's finest, fertile ground and the fire of a million thoughts running through your head, until “BOOM!” The single great thought emerges. This result is the ultima materia, the spiritual gold that is the philosopher’s stone.

From these great thoughts comes personal authority. The healers of the past concerned themselves similarly to the alchemists by using energy medicine to correct disharmony and allow for potential. 

Subtle energy work allows for the removal of blocks and the stimulation of self-healing. This alternative healing method can also aid in stress reduction, spiritual healing, and boost positive energy. What is energy work? Energy work is something that everyone can benefit from. It makes us stronger when work on ourselves and find the balance that we seek. Subtle energy work can be conducted through our medium of choice: chocolate.

Chocolate meditations were ritualized for thousands of years by the Mayans and Aztecs. This was a form of subtle energy work.  Taking note of their processes and working to unlock the science of energetics, we have created our collections to be used as a tool to focus deeply on your desired outcomes and unlock your growth. As you experience our collections, you have the opportunity to maintain your life force energy and seek the answers that subtle energy work allows you to question.

Just as healing energy was patterned in ancient times, you can use the following ritual with our chocolate collections to bring about shifts and healing in your own energetic patterns.

Breathe & Taste 

When we breathe deeply, it increases oxygen flow and intensifies all our senses, allowing for a more active imagination, also called astral surfing. This energy healing exercise wondrously links the power of breathing and tasting, allowing you to make your chocolate potent:

  1. Slow down. Halt and feel what it is to be still. 
  2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. As you do, you are opening all the sensors in the body. 
  3. Listen closely to the silence. It will speak to you if you are patient enough. Just keep listening. 
  4. Let your imagination be unleashed. Follow your lightest thoughts to the above to find the message your imagination has for you. 
  5. Place the message on the chocolate. Holding your hand up to the chocolate truffle and sending the message through a beam of white light. Then look at the chocolate. What do you see? 
  6. Feel the chocolate between your fingers with your eyes closed. 
  7. Smell the chocolate 
  8. Taste the chocolate 
  9. Taste the breath of the finish in your mouth 
  10. This experience transforms your chocolate into your tincture. This healing is through your own powers and alchemical chocolate. When you send the spark of resplendence into the chocolate, it will be felt.

While all of our chocolate has been optimized and energized for this ritual, may we suggest some collections that we love the most for energy work and healing.

A photo of the Self-Love Ritual Collection from Vosges

Ritual Collection for Self-Love

Rituals are the bridge to connect mind, body, and spirit, creating deeper meaning and alignment with Source Energy. When we radiate with this trinity, through eating chocolate with purpose and intention, the everyday becomes extraordinary. Our Self-Love Chocolate Ritual is designed to give the gift of self-love to oneself or others through the medium of chocolate. Strong rituals created in a sacred space, belief in your intention, and eating chocolate with focused, positive energy flow can heal through the activation of mind, body, and spirit. These sacred personal ceremonies better align us with our purpose because they allow us to radiate our intentions and express our willingness to receive. We then become illuminated from the inside. And we begin to manifest a life filled with love for ourselves.

The Chocolate Meditation Collection from Vosges

Chocolate Meditation Collection

Our Chocolate Meditation experience is a collection of exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemical properties. Each truffle is paired with a corresponding crystal and a deck of affirmation cards. 

This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition. Whether you are searching the spiritual realm or practical day-to-day matters, this deck can assist. As you close your eyes and shuffle the deck, tap into your intuition, thinking carefully about the area in your life in which you'd like more clarity. Then select your card. The card will provide an intention, paired with which chocolate to eat and the crystal to hold as an aid for achieving your intention. Meditate using this collection daily for 40 days to encourage your manifestation!  This is a meaningful experience to practice alone or with a group of friends. 

The Pure Plant Chocolate Bar Library from Vosges

Pure Plant 6 Bar Library                                                                                       

A pioneering collaboration with Dr. William Li, we bring you Pure Plant. Each of our new Pure Plant bars helps activate your body’s defenses in powerful ways. They work to address the needs of the body to heal, regenerate, and be nourished. They’re a whole new way to consume chocolate and experience cacao. By incorporating the whole cacao in this innovative way, Pure Plant takes one of the most nutrient-rich ingredients in nature and charts a new path for how we use it and, ultimately, how you taste it.

Raw Cacao has been naturally designed to allow you to open your mind, to be able to receive messages from the above, and to open your heart to your potential. It allows you to be a seeker, just as the ancients were. It gifts you personal authority and the opportunity to create for yourself an energetic balance in all of your energetic systems.

We wish you the gift of energetic healing and the strength of balance.