Hot Weather Shipping Update

It's HOT out there! Our team has been closely monitoring extreme heat across the United States and in order to protect the integrity of our haut-chocolat we have paused shipping until August 28th. Please keep in mind that although your delivery destination may not be in an area of high heat, your package will travel through areas of high temperatures on its way to you. These temperatures can compromise the cooling materials included before your package even gets put onto the delivery truck. Please feel free to reach out to our Chocolate Concierge Team at or 773.388.5560 to explore available options or to make changes to your order. Our Concierge Team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm CST. Thank you for your patience!

Current Shipping Availability

Our current shipping schedule is Monday to Wednesday, however, due to the high temperatures the available shipping days may fluctuate. If you need your order to arrive by a certain date or for a special occasion, we recommend you check out on our direct website where our up-to-date shipping calendar is available via the date picker in the cart. Orders placed via the Vosges App ship do not receive a designated shipping date and will ship on the next shipping day available.

To allow for proper planning and packaging of orders, we do not currently ship same day. If your order is placed from Wednesday to Sunday, the next shipping day available will be the following Monday. Our date picker is available through checkout at allows you to schedule up to 4 weeks in advance. Orders placed via the Vosges Mobile App cannot be scheduled for future shipping.