the sakura collection: spring limited edition

Inspired by the Japanese concept of"wabi-sabi"and in celebration of the healing majesty of Spring,the Sakura Collection serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate life's fleeting beauty, and that you too have the power to bring yourself and others out of the darkness.

sweet, savory & sacred

the sakura collection

In our newest collection, we celebrate the Japanese
culture of creativity and the cultivation of raw ingredients.
Katrina has used the medium of chocolate to tell the origin
stories of the manyparfumsfound throughout Japan
and the tales of the artisans who craft them. The Sakura Collection includes 19 fine chocolates and a sourcing and tasting guide specific to thishaut-chocolatexperience.

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delicious citrus bliss

tutu's citron fortune cakes

We celebrate our love and adoration for the citrus family whose aromatics bring happiness to those that smell them.

Richly tart, dainty, lemon pound cakes are studded with fresh raspberries and enrobed in cocoa butter rich 36% cacao white chocolate and crowned with pink peppercorns and glacé orange and lemon slices. These luscious lemons and oranges are handmade in Corsica, France and take two weeks to glacé (candy).

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a delectable spectrum

the color of chocolate

 At Vosges, our next chapter is about the colors of the natural world. Eighteen months ago, we asked ourselves a question. How could we bring different shades and hues to our chocolate in a healthy and new way? During this process we redefined how we looked at chocolate. Using pigments derived from fruits and vegetables, we created a whole new approach to chocolate.

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feminine energy + power

the women behind the chocolate

“A few days ago, I was speaking with Amanda, our Director of Guest Experience. We started discussing how easy it is to take for granted that we have the luxury to work with so many talented women in all areas at Vosges. Together, we came up with the idea to create a Women Behind the Chocolate series to shine a light on all the talent, energy and love that goes into each collection, chocolate, and ingredient. It is truly exciting for me, personally, to share a bit about the women on our team.”

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