The most artistic collaboration yet.

After a 2 year immersive creative journey, we built a bridge of roses and skeletons between two magical worlds: music and chocolate. Take a bite and the music will sound sweeter...

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Grateful Dead: A Collection of Curated Chocolates + Cosmic Crystals

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The epic trips of my life are filled with soundtracks of my own making and many of the songs and lessons come from the iconic storytelling of the Grateful Dead. For their generosity, I dedicate this collection to them.

A Taste of what's inside

Yeah Dave

Like the grounded Root Chakra, complex parfums of Ceylon Cinnamon, and Ancho and Guajillo chilis are blended with the creaminess of Grassland butter and beet root to create a wave of balance that centers the spirit.

Tennessee Jam

The vibrations of a jam communicate through the wheels of energy for all who whirl and move to them. Tart Blackberry Puree converges with floral and citrus notes of Mediterranean Olive Oil, enrobed in Blue Majik. Because the music is magic.

California Ray

The pleasure of being in the glow of the sun manifests itself in the warmth of spices combined with 45% milk chocolate. Nutmeg, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, clove, fenugreek, and white and black pepper, mix on the palette to create a moment of nourishment in this spot of sunshine.

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