Dream Bianca Cocoa Butter Mini Chocolate Bar

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Dream Bianca Cocoa Butter Mini Chocolate Bar

Introducing the Dream Chocolate Bar Collection, your passport to luminescent dreams and restful sleep. Each chocolate bar invites you on a journey to a world where chocolate enhances your dreams and nurtures peaceful slumber. The Bianca Dream Bar is a crafted experience of the delicate essences of lavender and lemon verbena infused in cocoa butter rich white chocolate, thoughtfully presented in a purple envelope complete with a guided sleep ritual and a dream card for your nightly intentions.

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Dream Bianca Cocoa Butter Mini Chocolate Bar, 0.5oz
lemon verbena + lavender + cocoa butter


Each Vosges Haut-Chocolat collection is packed fresh on your day of shipment. A How to Care Card and enjoy your haut-chocolat at peak perfection is included in each shipment with details on your collection.

Please reference the expiration date card that arrives with your package.

Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts, Sesame, and Tree Nuts.



How to Deeply Taste Chocolate

Set the Mood

Turn off the lights, the darker the better. Set the room temperature to 67-69°f. Wear something comfortable that brings you joy. No socks, please. Set your phone to airplane mode or turn it off. Settle in and get comfortable.


Take deep, breaths through your nose 13 times, this helps the body achieve an even greater relaxed state.

Eat the chocolate

Close your eyes. Rub the chocolate. Now smell. Break a piece of the bar and hear the crisp snap. Pay attention to the unfolding of the rising aromas as the chocolate melts in your mouth.


"In the nocturnal realm of slumber, where imagination unfurls its wings, chocolate becomes the ethereal bridge, connecting reality to the luminescent dreamscape. This is no ordinary chocolate, rather a magical concoction, crafted from superior sourced ingredients like chamomile, hops, turmeric, red forest berries and lavender, each element a key to unlock doors to enchanted lands. Infused into cocoa butter, it melts on your tongue, as soothing as a bedtime story whispered in the glow of twilight. It's a sensory lullaby that gently lulls your mind into a serene trance, opening pathways for dreams to take flight. As you surrender to its allure, you will find yourself transformed - suddenly you are not just dreaming, but living your dreams. Love flourishes, reality is painted in hues of joy, and you are free to soar through the stars, dancing in the iridescent light of your own radiant dreams."

Peace, Love and Chocolate,




    Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa butter enriched with theobromine, gently awakens the senses, granting an extra touch of alertness. In harmony with a balanced diet, cocoa butter bestows holistic benefits, soothing inflammation, kindling tranquility and elevating spirits, ultimately paving the way to serene slumber. This radiant elixir, adorned with potent antioxidants, fortifies your body’s shield against the burden s of oxidative stress.


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