3 Chocolate Gifts for Cancer Season

Dip your toes into the water because Cancer season has arrived! Now is the time to focus on your emotions, loved ones, relationships, and "inner life." Cancer season reminds us how fulfilling time with ourselves can be, and how necessary. If you have a Cancerian in your life, here are our top three chocolate gifts to celebrate their birth season! 


Brut Rosé and Chocolate Pairing Giftbox

Cancerians are often known for their creativity, so why not give them a chance to flex their skills with the Brut Rosé and Chocolate Pairing Giftbox? This purple parcel is packed to the brim with pairing ideas to use with the included André Clouet Brut Rosé, 9 piece Exotic Truffle Collection, and immersive wine and chocolate pairing guide.

Exotic Truffle Collection, 16pc

Nostalgia is a major player during Cancer season for which the Exotic Truffle Collection is perfect. Classic tried and true, this 16-piece truffle box covers all of our favorite and beloved chocolate parfums from the original Naga Truffle to the fan favorite Chef Pascal Truffle. 

An open journal sits beside a purple Vosges dark chocolate truffle collection, a palo santo stick tied to a crystal and a meditation guide on a white background.

Chocolate Ritual for Self-Love

Cancerians can be a bit...moody (they are "the crab" after all). To help curb down days or bad moods, try gifting them our Ritual Collection for Self-Love. Complete our nine piece Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, Shining Light Palo Santo bundle with Selenite crystal, a ritual journal and a guided ritual card, this giftbox is perfect for keeping bath-side (or bed-side) on a self care night. 

Happy Cancer season!